The Keys To The Universe Are All Around Us (Write Down Your Own Rules)

The Universe is always there, within us and around us. It is always waiting for clear commands from our conscious, subconscious, our body, and our soul. We can all write down our own rules for how we choose to live our lives and what that will look like. The Universe will respond in big ways and small ways.

A real world brief on writing down your own rules to pay no taxes and get money from government.

A personal and/or organization/business vision statement is one of the best ways to communicate your overall intentions for the positive growth and development of your life to The Universe. As soon as I have mine done for myself (personal), and the organization and business that I'm starting up, I'll do a separate post for each one (3 total).

What is a vision statement?

A vision statement is typically composed of a Purpose section and an Outcomes section. You start with the purpose statement which is meant to be big, far reaching, and extremely inspiring. Part of the purpose of the purpose statement is to serve as inspiration throughout the development of your vision. The going gets tough sometimes, so make sure your vision statement can get you through the hard times as well as the good times. The last part of the vision statement, the outcomes statement is more concrete and states what goals exactly are to be accomplished. An important aspect of these goals is that they are measurable. So, you want your outcomes to be awesome like your purpose statement, with the added benefit of being achievable within a stated time period.

In your own way, whether vision statement, mission statement, proposal to your boss and/or other business/relationship prospect, and/or other writing (poems and stories can work too), start writing down your own rules for your life. The Universe will thank you back by knowing what, and who to bring to your aid in your journey. You will thank The Universe back in your gratitude for every thing that it brings.

There is a universe within each of us, that can connect back to The Universe that surrounds us. Writing down our dreams for our lives through our intentions coming from the often buried authentic self is one of the many powerful ways to connect the amazing inner energy/universe we all hold with all of the energy/universe around us.

How do you find the authentic self in order to begin writing your life's vision? Zen meditation and Yoga are two examples that I have used. There are many ways. Find an activity that gives you joy and a feeling of connecting through yourself to all that is, that you do consistently. It could be writing, watching tennis, playing tennis, basketball, running, rock climbing, etc. Movement related pursuits in addition to a mental stimulation pursuit that invigorates your mind and soul are often helpful. Collaborative work is also very powerful as well. Becoming part of a community of people who share your essential goals while you all work towards them together is very powerful. Not all of your goals necessarily have to align. In fact, honoring differences is key to development as well as working with same-mindedness on agreed upon goals within the group or community.

Find your pursuits that you enjoy and stimulate you on a regular basis. Use them to be part of the fuel for your written statements to The Universe. Know thyself, and communicate who you are to everyone and The Universe. Be forthright, and direct. This is our birth right. Every human has a beautiful potential. Exactly who we are in all our differences and similarities is a contribution to both ourselves, everyone, and everything. Be proud of who you are, write down your strengths and weaknesses. Do not be afraid to share your authentic self, it is a miracle! It takes courage. Sometimes it is not easy. Other times it is amazingly easy, and simple. Either way, trudge on! I bless and encourage you to do so! It is worth it!

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Ron Centeno said...

Great Post Steve!

A Vision statement! You are exactly right. This is a way of looking ahead, something to help guide you towards the direction you want to go.

Though I do have a vision, I have not made a statement yet. Your post is very encouraging. I'm thinking about it now. :-)

ZenDotStudio said...

Great post Steve. I agree it is good to set our intentions. I guess one thing I think about mission statements and such, is that though I like the idea of planning and measurable outcomes something in me calls out to be a bit careful. Be careful about getting too attached to our "wants", to believing WE are in control.

It is good to do our part, but somehow something greater is at play, if that makes any sense, and at some point we have to let go. Things turn out in ways we never imagined, "opportunities" disguised as horrors and tragedies appear, things don't happen "when" we planned them to. Life is so interesting.

So while I agree that it is good to make choices, something in my heart tells me to be careful of thinking that implies by setting out intentions things will turn out a certain way. Some of the "best" things that have happened to me could be seen as most unpleasant at first glance.

I hope this doesn't sound like raining on the parade, it was merely meant as an added thought to your wonderful post.

Donatella said...

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Lydia said...

Wonderful post. I need to return to spend more time with this.

There is an award for you over at my blog. :)

irish on bizz said...


hello I have an another award for you!!!

check my post for details

have a nice weekend! :)