Real World Brief On Writing Down Your Own Rules (Declaring Your Income Tax Structure)

This is just one real world (albeit very specific = boring, not necessarily inspiring, but real) brief on how we can choose to write our own rules for how we want our lives to be: If we want to end up paying no taxes while getting a good chunk of money from government, we can structure ourselves as an s-corporation, c-corporation, or a 501(3)(c) (non-profit). These are only 3 examples of many declared tax structures allowing us to tell government how we want to be taxed. Not declaring a tax structure leaves us within the default tax structure as an individual or sole proprietor. In the default tax structure, we can be charged to pay government upwards of 25% to 35% on our annual income. There are sole proprietors out there who have good accountants that achieve similar results to the 3 structures I spoke of, so try that out if incorporating is not your cup of tea at the moment. The government, like The Universe, is waiting for us to declare the rules under which we want to exist. Declare no rules, and both the government and The Universe often give us a default consequence to be governed by. Often, we do not feel empowered or connected in this type of default existence, but it doesn't have to be this way.

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