The Keys To The Universe Are All Around Us
(update 1)

i'm still pondering and acting upon this idea. so, i've decided to stay with this idea for a time to see what more comes from it, both from myself, and others. has this idea affected you? if so, how? what other thoughts might you have regarding this idea?

for example, Lydia from the "Writerquake" blog has placed a copy of my original TKTTUAAAU (The Keys To The Universe Are All Around Us) in her home. let us know here at fluxlife any of your thoughts/reactions/actions regarding this idea.

as ZenDotStudio said: "Somehow the clarity of the moment can show us that everything is just as it should be AND that doesn't stand against taking some action, if that becomes our insight."

part of my insight on this is now to take action as well as having the idea. so, currently i am working with the insight itself (the idea/thinking part of it) and to take action on the gifts and opportunities all around me (the part of the insight that has called me to action). in the beginning it was just an idea, with no clear actions to take. now it has evolved into idea and actions to take.

what is an action that i have taken towards this idea? i created a private blog that acts as an organizing system for holding all of my ideas, tracking my actions, calendaring and scheduling needs. i already feel and act more organized towards the TKTTUAAAU idea. so i'm diggin' that too. if you'd like to know more about this self organizing blog i've created, feel free to leave a question about it in the comments below. i'll answer your question(s) in the comments section. 

thank you very much also to the other commenters and readers from the original TKTTUAAU post. i will be mentioning you as well in the next update: update 2.

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Moose said...

Its true, you never know what kind of potential things, people and places have around you. That person behind you in line could very well possibly be the individual who you'd be most happy with in marriage, that city that you visited could be the place where you'd be happiest to live in . . . countless possibilities. I like the idea of the personal blog, too. (PS new material on my blog).

Lydia said...

Yes, it is in my home and I've read it numerous times, Steve. I've felt an "opening" to spring from those words. Thanks again!