Why Obama Is Our Next President

Former POW says McCain is "not cut out to be President"

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wow, this turned into a monster post! grab yourself a coffee/beverage. you might want to cut this into 2 sessions. if so, you can stop at the "the incredible mccain girl/hulk" video as the half-way point and then pick it up from there for your 2nd session. you'll need about 20-25 minutes to read through the post in it's entirety, and there are 15 total minutes of videos. there's great and rare information here combined with informative and entertaining political videos.
many of you will laugh your @$$e$ off at some of the entertainment videos. many of you will not. some of you may even be offended, but that is not my intention at all. some of this material is weighty, and it is my hope that the humorous entertainment videos lighten things up a bit.

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before we continue, FYI
(the u.s. executive branch/administration):


The office of president of the United States is one of the most powerful in the world. The president, the Constitution says, must "take care that the laws be faithfully executed." To carry out this responsibility, he presides over the executive branch of the federal government — a vast organization numbering about 4 million people, including 1 million active-duty military personnel. In addition, the president has important legislative and judicial powers."

{ source page:
(paragraph 10)}


(ooh... i really don't want mccain's fiery temperament to be in direct control over 1 million military personnel, and have his finger that close to "the red button" at the same time. YIKES! palin's not much better in her passive aggressive poor communication style, cut, slash, drill, and terminate "sarah barracuda" - style of running her mayor and governorships).

final FYI section before we continue:
a little background on how our government got their fingers into the middle east cookie jar in the first place, and some history that is connected with the gulf war military campaigns and some of the events leading up to 9/11:
this is a 3 minute 49 second "historical primer on the eight-decade history of Saudi Arabia and its convoluted relationship with the United States" (1.)
{best political opening sequence for a movie "the kingdom"}:
{paragraph 2 of article is source of quote above}
{paragraph 4 of article explains methods of fact checking for video}

okay, onward we go:

obama has the ability to empower others to succeed in general and in utilizing politics to take care of the common welfare. obama has taught and encouraged others how to use political processes to save their dying communities. he empowered them, and they succeeded. this is a true leader. i've always said: "if the federal government truly cares about it's people, it will empower them directly." obama may not have all the experience, but he knows how to lead and strengthen people." he will lead the executive branch and empower the american people, not try to overpower them like so many other presidents. obama is a man that knows how to empower people. he is a true leader (see also: cnn's "obama revealed", and "mccain revealed" -the shows have already aired, but any clips from them should be helpful). palin-bush, and mccain don't have "all the experience", and they don't have the experience or the initiative to directly empower the people, which is very important. direct empowerment is what makes a country truly strong, and this is one of the skills that obama knows how to implement. he will help us to continue moving in the positive direction with greater strength and vitality that we have begun to move towards
(for prosperity by obama for america see:
"OBAMAnomics" by John R. Talbott).

it's also important to consider that what the pres./v.p. enact has to do with their advisors and policy makers within the executive branch. no pres. or v.p. knows everything. what we see take place in our nation has a lot to do with who advises the president and vice president. so, while we're watching the candidates, let's not forget to look under the hood at the key advisors under each candidate as well (if you missed it, check this out:
bushies come to palin's aid
). republican advisors tend to advise for expanding the executive branch powers in favor of the UNITARY EXECUTIVE THEORY, and in the process, maintaining multiple small to large scale military operations all over the globe for indefinite periods. one of the justifications for maintaining these operations is for national security. as we can see, part of the reason 9/11 happened was because the U.S. got militarily involved with Saudi Arabia. so national security is not a proper justification for enacting war or initiating military operations in the Middle East. in fact, enacting war in the Middle East actually places a greater threat to national security
(see also: U.S. intervention in the Middle East)
(see also: WMD report US remains dangerously vulnerable).
the preceeding 2 references seem to make a case that republican administrations tend to be more interested in initiating military operations in the Middle East even if it places a greater threat to our national security, and then neglecting obvious u.s. vulneralbilities so that attacks like 9/11 happen. hey, now that the bush administration has really pissed off the Middle East, let's get another republican pres/vp in the white house so that we can have our eastern seaboard attacked again! mccain/palin-bush will blow your mind and our nation to pieces. i'm serious though: our nation will be attacked heavily if mccain/palin-bush are chosen by the electoral college. i do not want to die or see my friends and family out east die. please vote for obama, that we might live and be free and happy.

the fact that practically all of our military vehicles (ground, air, and naval), run on petroleum based fuel is a huge vulnerability to national security. there are alternative fuels that have been viable for quite some time. shouldn't we be running at least our military vehicles on non-petroleum based fuels/energy sources to eliminate that type of vulnerabiltiy? if our oil supply gets blocked or cut by the Middle East, how are we going to run a military defense stratagem against an attack on american soil (and anywhere else in the world), in the event that a conflict becomes protracted? what have the republicans been doing these past 8 years and before that? what kind of games are being played at the expense of the american people under the republican administrations? they're going to get more of us killed, again, just like 9/11!

if an election has to do with popular sentiment and numbers, it looks like obama is winning with 90,000 fans or more showing up physically in person (they could barely fit into invesco field at mile high). whereas mccain was lucky enough fill his venue.
in fact, cnn reporters state that mccain DID have problems getting enough people to physically show up for his cause. sarah palin has shifted the numbers recently, but that will change because she has endless really bad and super stinky dirty laundry all over the place! it's just a matter of time before we all see through "palin's purple haze."

note: though the electoral college chooses the president, they go with the majority vote in each state.
obama will win the general election, and become our next president after the polls close this november 2008; even if the numbers are close. i predict that there are currently uncounted factions that will flood the ballots in favor of obama on voting day and before voting day. there is an unpredictable force in favor of obama, some of it is made up of the young people of our nation (there are an unprecedented number of young people who are becoming politically involved to get obama into office). these unprecedented and unpredictable forces will easily unstick conservatives that didn't have the intuitive powers to pull the stick out of the mud and extend it to the drowning victim, our nation, and by extension our world and all it's inhabitants.

things have gotten so bad we're not going to fall prey to paralysis by analysis and vote for 4 more years of the same "stick in the mud."

nature and the economy become more entwined every day. the health of both have been neglected under the republicans for at least the past 8 years. these two forces in concert with the natural laws and forces of our earth and universe will also be part of the cause that places obama in the white house as our next president. there is a lot of momentum in play favoring obama to become our next president, and so he shall be.

other factors in his favor: his personal growth and popularity are growing geometrically because of his reputation for helping the underprivileged from a grass roots/community level, his intelligence, and technological know-how, just to name a few. within a short period, he has gone from being a relatively unknown quantity to becoming our next president of the united states of america. this is extremely strong growth from the good works, intelligence, and true desire for change that obama embodies.
obama is strong enough and mentally flexible enough in many different ways to move with the face of change, and be one of the major faces of positive change, along with the rest of us who desire a better balance between the oversized corporate entities and the majority of american individuals whose empowerment and rights have been eroded by conservative and republican support of the super duper large corporations, and the costly military campaigns "to nowhere" which tend to support the largest of the american/international corporations. not to mention the thousands upon thousands of our people and the people of other nations killed for resource plundering. you know, the same rape and pillaging that large societal leaderships have done since before the maori tribe slaughtered and raped the moriori tribe back in 1835 (guns, germs, and steel by jared diamond). unbeknownst to both these tribes; they were related to each other! talk about time for change! c'mon, rape and pillage is so yesterday! let's move on shall we? a recently retired u.s. military general wrote and spoke about his role as the arm of the u.s. corporate mob. if an oversized corporation needed cheap land in a third world country for their factories, he went and snatched it, under the guise of u.s. military operations, for example. sound familiar? let's move on from this type of behavior! it's time for change!

(this aside: hey, i've got nothing against corporations in general. heck, i might incorporate one day. many extremely helpful non-profits are corporations {501(c)(3) corporations}. what i'm talking about is size of scale: any company over 150 employees that fails to structure into smaller groups tends to fail on critical communications. the human mind on average tends to store 50 names and faces max (on a good day). over 50 in an organization, and more and more people don't identify with the excess population over the original 50 they currently know. this is when things happen that may not benefit all the workers, and even cause harm outside of the organization. this is when the bottom line becomes the most accessible measurement, and in many cases the sole measurement and communication back to the top).

obama is young enough, strong enough, smart enough, brave enough, and has more than enough heart to rise to any occasion where the interests of the american people are at stake. a healthy and productive fearlessness combined with the love of the people and their needs. obama comes from the same place that much of the america that needs him comes from: the lower and middle classes. obama can help these classes that make up the majority of america because he's been there.
obama gave up a lucrative law career after graduating magna cum laude from harvard law school to go help those below the line in chicago.

does mccain have experience doing this? no. mccain doesn't even know how many houses he owns! do you think mccain can understand what it means to wonder where your next house payment is coming from? no, he doesn't. who do you think mccain is in a better position to help: you and me, or the large corporations? with all those houses that he can't even count, i'm sure his corporate connections are much stronger ties for him than your needs or mine.

The Incredible Mccain Girl/Hulk Girl

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call him what you want, but mccain is no maverick. mccain has voted with president bush 90% of the time. so, for those of us americans who are suffering for it: we and our world will never receive the help so badly needed under another republican president. after all, a democratic congress is not going to get very far when a republican president vetoes all of the bills that would benefit the low/middle class americans, the majority of the american people. sure, congress can override a veto by a 2/3's majority, but we can barely get them to pass laws as it is. the veto is effectively, the end of a bill these days.

everything has it's cycles. we just went through the cycle of decay, large scale american suffering, blood shed and death. this will be followed by the cycle of growth, prosperity, health and healing under obama. many experts tend to agree that this is a change year. the test to apply to each candidate is to test capability for change. whomever is more capable of change physically, mentally, spiritually, and governmentally in favor of the american people is the next president.

it is not so much that it is obama that will bring this about, it is just that he is part of the cycle that is happening now and will continue until it is complete. we the people are moving towards renewing ourselves at the same time that our next president,
barack obama, has swiftly manifested in our new american dream.

if you look at obama's profile, it is clear that he has been rising to the occasion of leading the american people towards change and prosperity from out of the darkness of the current republican executive branch/administration. if you look at the fact that he rose up out of great difficulty and then earned his way into harvard law school (not an easy task), survived the extreme mental challenges of law school, and then rose to the highest of heights within his law school career (rare), it is clear that he has the strength of will and intellect to thrive under any condition. not only does he have the strength of will and intellect to serve the american people's interests, he will direct it toward our greater freedoms. his strong emphasis in constitutional law both as student and professor, and service in a law firm under civil rights law tells me that he fights hard for our rights and cares deeply about them. most ivy league law students go with the big easy: corporate law. obama is clearly for obtaining greater freedom and rights for the individual. obama's focus of study, teaching, community service, and work in constitutional law/civil rights has got to be one of the strongest in advocacy for the rights of the american people of all the politicians in recent times. if you want more individual freedoms vote for obama. if you want more dead american and foreign boys, girls, mothers, and babies than you can ever hope to count in the middle east
, vote for mccain/palin. if you would like to continue to surrender your 4th amendment rights (right to privacy and due process of law against unreasonable search and seizure) while on the internet for example, vote for mccain/palin.

obama is ready to be our president of change, and for providing greater american freedoms for the american people.

the strategy and deployment of the obama campaign is moving at some of the highest speeds of technology. as a tech enthusiast, i am impressed by his wise and informed use of the medium. this is just one example of obama's natural way of being expedient when it comes to meeting goals and challenges. this is how he meets and will continue to meet the needs of the american people, with expediency, wisdom, and cutting edge technology. the capabilities and success of obama with technology and other means IS UNHEARD OF IN ANY OTHER political campaigns and politicians of our time. no one else has been able to move as fast and be as expedient as obama.

Super Obama Girl

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obama's use of text messaging and his twitter micro blog in addition to the rest of his tech arsenal is faring much better than mccain's old fashioned "viral video on youtube" approach. besides, obama already beat mccain to the punch on this front without even trying, literally! obama's supporters/fans have already made viral videos based on their enthusiasm for obama quite awhile ago. mccain had to do his own, 'cause his fans are either too conflicted, too greedy, too few, or all of the preceeding. in fact, mccain's youtube video campaign is largely back firing on him (a lot of videos like the one at the beginning of this post have been coming out). don't get me wrong, i don't hate mccain, i just feel badly for him: he's nowhere near as smart and tech savvy as obama, he has no connection with the no/low income and middle income citizens, he's too old to survive a presidency, and he thinks 4 more years of a republican executive branch/administration composed of approximately 4 million people (1 million being military) will be good for this country. poor guy.

palin would make matters even worse than bush. if she got behind the wheel (which she won't), abortion rights would be on the chopping block big time! a woman telling other women what rights they do and do not have with their bodies is heavily dictatorial, not to mention ultra hypocritical. nothin' against palin, but she is blind to how a majority of our population actually lives. once again, like mccain, she cannot serve well, that which she does not understand, and cannot understand: the reality of the great majority of the american people.
uhhh, this just in: looks like palin's young daughter may be the one who had the most recent in pregnancy in the family. oops! ...and i guess it's not like she hasn't done her fair share of dirty work to rise to the top as quickly as she has. 'cause you gotta wonder: "just how did she rise so very quickly?" i mean it's not like she has the brains to get into and graduate from the top law school in the world, and work towards greater freedoms and rights of the american people based on an informed, well educated understanding, and thourough working knowledge of the u.s. constitution. here's one answer i scooped up with little effort (from The Huffington Post, a reputable news source):
"The Real Sarah Palin Scandal"

what also interests me is how palin slashed and cut funding to teen pregnancy shelters in Alaska. i'm in between ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing) about the extreme irony and hypocrisy of palin, and crying for all the mothers she's thrown out onto the streets.

one of mccain's fellow prisoners of war stated to the effect that mccain blows up at just about anything, and he wouldn't like to see his finger near "the red button." ...and that combined with sarah palin or "sarah the barracuda's" temperament, you can kiss this world goodbye!, as they piss off one too many countries with one too many military campaigns, or start a nuclear war. now, how's that for foreign policy?

heck, i want obama in office just to see him in action! it will be ground breaking and record setting! i can't wait to watch him as our next president! having obama in the white house will be one of the great historical markers demonstrating the will of the american people to rise to any challenge and move toward greater freedom! it will be one of the major milestones and turning points of our millenium and in the history of the united states of america!

the original obama girl video

3 min 19 sec

(if you haven't already), see also:
"palin's purple haze"

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