March Madness is awesomeness! (this shiz is off the hook!)

wow. i've met a ton of new people lately in San Francisco. it's total March Madness of awesome here! i fuckin' love it! i'll write more in a sec...

okay, so i can walk around a little bit with my knee brace (had knee surgery about a month ago). so, what what. last Friday, Dolores Park right by my house was off the hook! i met Zach Houston the famous type writer poet in the Bay Area/San Francisco, and he busted me out a poem on his total old school manual type writer. meanwhile the park was filled with at least a thousand people in front of us and about a thousand bicyclists filled the road right behind us. it was jam pack-edd with cyclists! one cop rolled up in his cruiser. i said to Zach: "Just one cop can't make this stop." some riders got off their bikes and raised them to the sky in commemoration of the Critical Mass bicycling event (held the last Friday of every month here in San Francisco).

here's the poem fresh off Zach's typewriter:

you just tell him what you want the poem to be about, and then he slams it out with type writer keys and hammers flying!

here's da wordage - (i told him to write about: "entrepreneurial courage" for me):
"the--bubble of having done it is free enough if we let it be paid for with feeling held--over our--threatening head if capitalism is winning we join them with any actually meaning anything is work--if we can get it--in the way of daily life -- like critical mass of anarcho-capitalists will translate into us winning with entreprenuerial consciousness -- -- -- is sarcastically gathered and resold"
--By Zach Houston (

what's your March been like?

P.S. i've got at least a few more future posts to write about people of awesome i've met lately , and the March madness in San Francisco. so, any of you out there in SF i've met and given my card to, you're coming up, don't worry. ...and don't worry also, because i'll change the names or omit them to protect the innocent. LOL!

P.P.S. Google Blogger friends of mine: i know i need to get caught up with you too, so don't worry, i'll be in touch and visiting you shortly. i've got some awards to acknowledge from some of you, so i'll get to that too. ...and thank you so much for the awards you guys! i appreciate it very much! Bloggers that gave me awards:
1. Ron Centeno ("In My Own Words" Blog),
2. trishieko ("trishieko" Blog), and
3. irish santillan ("Irish on Bizz" Blog).

P.P.P.S. we're giving the Monday gripe a rest this Monday. we'll bring it back next Monday. if you need to make a tirade of gripage, go down 2 posts and hit it up. i'll check it, and may add a gripe or two of my own.

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sjdinergrrrl said...

verdad,even in sjdiner madness world, post equinox has been awesome! the diner survives, sjdinergrrl rolls on, connects with a major amiga from the past, plans to move........and as a non-driver by choice type of person am planning on oilcanning the bicycle this week so i can ride ride ride. nobody has to drive a car! hope love peace and understanding-and don't even get me started on amerikas border war con los amigos de mexico.march,madness,mexico gogogo so well with the dinergrrl-de la pinche-

Lydia said...

This post just oozes with joie de vivre. Love it lots. I'm picturing the scene in my mind. Been too long since I visited The City!
The poem is cool, the poet sounds cooler...

Fortune Cookies said...

I'm kind of relieved that there is a gripage reprieve this week. I don't really have any grumblings going on. This week is clean-a-palooza around the mom-in-law visiting at the end of the week, and I love her and I love cleaning so it's a win-win here.
Glad your knee is on the mend!
Kudos to an awesome poet!

Anonymous said...

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irish on bizz said...

thanks steve..well you are really great deserve it!

Steve Morozumi said...

thanks for stopping by you guys! see you 'round the blogoshpere soon!