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i've had my head in the sand lately. when i pulled it out, i found these news items to be compelling:

1. the U.S. is massing troops on the Mexican border. i was so unaware of this one that a homeless guy was the one who broke the news to me.

2. North Korea is preparing to launch a missile

3. First-Ever Asteroid Tracked From Space to Earth. this is a long article that rambles. so, what they're saying is: this is the key to understanding our universe.

4. Google has done some major revamping to their search capabilities.

5. the Google news item seems to pale in comparison to the other previous 3 items. nonetheless, who doesn't use Google, and who wouldn't want to know?

6. i should be in bed right now.

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Kylie w Warszawie said...

I actually laughed out loud that a homeless guy broke the news to you.

I was watching Polish news at the gym today (I ran out of magazines) and they were talking about both the Korea thing and the troops on the Mexican border.

iaspire said...

Missiles, troops, asteroids, and Google, oh my!

Effin' countries of mass destruction, the U.S. included.

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