i'm sooooo bad, and a meaning of fluxlife

i'm so bad at doing what i'm supposed to, that if you told me to do nothing, i would do something. if you told me to do something, i would do nothing. LOL!

how bad am i? i'm soooo bad that if i tell myself to do something i'll do nothing. that's how bad i am. funny, and scary at the same time.

the only way i get things done is that i accidentally do something while i'm intending to do nothing.


just thought i'd throw a quick little bit about my current state of mind out there. it will change tomorrow, because change is the only constant. :D-you never know what's going to happen next, and it just might be the most amazing thing you've ever experienced!...

...and that's what just happened! funny how i wrote that yesterday even before i knew exactly how it was going to materialize! i wrote this post yesterday and scheduled it to post automatically before Monday had actually happened. now that Monday has actually happened just before i'm typing this, something totally amazing did just happen. you could say: "the universe just called, and i decided to answer the phone!" this thing is so great i had to retract everything at the beginning of this post, because i definitely am not feeling that way now. quite the opposite!

i just met with two of the most amazing people to collaborate on the project of a lifetime! i met with these people tonite (Monday nite), and my life will never be the same. it's not just tonight that things have been happening with this project and these people, it actually started really happening about two weeks ago. one of the people i met months ago, and i knew something was special about this person. then, last Saturday this person dropped a heavenly bomb on me. it's a project called "The Zelda Peoples Project", and it will be happening right here in San Francisco.

i'm out of time here at fluxlife to go into more detail, but it involves a Google Blogger blog, and i'll reveal the URL and more details about the new blog as things develop.

good night and infinite blessings!

...and this is one of the many ideas behind fluxlife... things always change, and it could be for the better. that's why i say: "sometimes life flux."

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Katy said...

Wow, Steve, sounds like something amazing has happened / is happening! I look forward to hearing more about it, when you're ready to tell that is! :-)

Have a great day,


Kim said...

Sounds fantastic, can't wait to hear more!

Ron Centeno said...

Good luck on your new project Steve! Keep me posted!

Steve Morozumi said...

thanks so much for your enthusiasm and support you guys and gals!

can't wait to tell you more!

have a day of ultimate awesomeness everyone!