it's Monday, what's your gripe?

i thought i'd give the Monday gripe poster boy a rest, and recycle the OFFICE SPACE trailer in his stead for the moment. it makes me smile when i see them smashing the copier. i swear to the gods, every office i've ever worked in, i've wanted to do that to the copier at some point. i really like it when they tell the main character that he's been missing a lot of work lately, and he replies: "I wouldn't say I've been missing it, Bob." I'll remember that response in case someone says that to me.

WHAT'S MY GRIPE? i'm typing in one spot and the cursor jumps to another already typed line and eff's everything up! arrrrrgggggghhhhhh! i love macs, but they're not perfect. what else? i'm up late when i should be in bed. that's gonna hurt tomorrow because i have an early appointment in the morning. OUCH! also, i slacked and didn't schedule this post to publish. if i would've scheduled it to post ahead of time, i wouldn't be up late right now.

(embedding was recently disabled. clicking the image brings you to a new tab/window where the video is located) - THAT'S A NEW GRIPE FOR ME! ONLY GREEDY BASTARDS DISABLE EMBEDDING! AND TODAY IS ONLY SAT. 4/4/09! WAIT TIL MONDAY COMES! hahaha!
Song of Artist, M.I.A. featured on soundtrack for Office Space Trailer

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robin_titan said...

I LOOOVE office space that movie is hilarious!

hmm my monday gripe I guess is that I need to do a LOT of work b/c I'm a huge procrastinator and left a lot of important stuff for the last minute and I'm running out of time :( It sucks!

robin_titan said...

Oh and there will be consequences if I don't get things done in time :(

itcanbe said...

I don't know what my Monday gripe is yet. So, that's my gripe so far. When I get a real one, I'll come back and post it.

iaspire said...

I'm so mad and angry and full of gripe that I can't even begin to lay out all my gripes!

Rylee's Auntie said...

My gripe is this: I have only 7 hours in my time-off bank and there is a blizzard outside so I will not be going to work tomorrow. Maybe not on Wednesday either, depending on how much it snows and how deep the driveway gets.

So it's either unpaid time off or I will be working lots of long days later this week and/or Saturday.

AND, no more overtime, yet more cr@p thrown at me today and I have two weeks to get it done. Yeah and pigs will fly, right? ;)

Spending the snow day tomorrow getting my resume in order!

itcanbe said...

Okay, I've got my gripe now. Comcast was down for hours today while I was trying to get work done on the internets. F you, Comcast! I want my money back! And, I can't get a different service because they've got a contract with the complex that has a non-compete clause in it! Bastards!

Steve Morozumi said...

robin titan - one of my all time favorties as well! i too hate lots of work and negative consequences as a result of not doing the work!

iaspire - i feel ya' on that!

itcanbe - wow. you rolled out a fat gripe! suh-weeet! yeah, i don't know why a bunch of hackers hasn't taken Comcast down yet.

Rylee's Auntie - good move on the resume' work! sounds like most/all of upper management at your job suck helium for brain nourishment.

Bird* said...

i had to take a piss test today. 'nough said.

Lydia said...

Hey. You probably thought that I didn't have a Monday gripe. To the contrary, my friend, the fact that you didn't have a comment from me IS the gripe. I didn't have a connection in the morning, not in the afternoon either, so I called our provider and the clerk said she showed that I had no connection but there hadn't been any reports of outages in my area. As she was having me pull plugs and look at stuff she suddenly said that a whole bunch of calls were coming in from my town, and indeed from my NEIGHBORHOOD. I really don't think that's how it happened. I think they were just hanging to see if one more call would come through (happened to be mine) and then they'd get to crackin' to fix the problem.

Oh well, it's Tuesday a.m. now and I obviously have service. So here's wishing you a great week....with adequate sleep and some laughs.