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click image above to learn more about the artist, Tracy White, and her comic, "TRACED."

(12 panels)

Wolverine rocks! Coming to theatres May 1st 2009!

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iaspire said...

I love this comic! Tracy White is very talented and authentic! Thanks for bringing this out.

itcanbe said...

Nice concept for a series. I like the materials she uses to produce her comics. Gives it a cool look. Pretty effin' hilarious too! Good find Steve! She's probably one of the more original and talented Comic strip artists out there!

nubiz said...

The originality and authenticity of this comic strip is excellent! Thanks for sharing! ...And yes, Wolverine does rock! Thanks for that too. I didn't yet know the movie was coming out. I can't wait to see it. Looks hot!

Ron Centeno said...

Nice comic Steve. Thanks for putting a smile on my very stressful face. :-)

irish on bizz said...

cool comic...steve..i can relate hahaha