collaborative salad metaphor (what's your metaphor?)

Collaboration is like a salad. Everyone needs to bring their ingredients to the table and put it in the salad.

"If you hold back adding your indgredients that you've brought with you, they go to waste."

If you have a metaphor you'd like to share, please put it in the comments below. Thanks! :D

P.S. The new blog I'm building that's connected to a very exciting project has come along far enough that I can give you the link: Check it out! Give it a follow! Leave a comment!

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trishiekoh said...

Looking forward to the new blog Steve.
Btw I've given you an award!

Steve Morozumi said...

wow. thanks so much! i appreciate it! thanks also for your interest in the new blog. it's ultimate awesomeness!

Moose said...

I'll be checking that out when the time comes as well. Keep it as fresh as this and you'll have another success on your hands.