Lazy Sunday - SNL - this is truly hilarious!

"Lazy Sun." SNL vid featuring the rap: "The Chronic(what)cles of Narnia":

this 2 minute 27 second video short features SNL players Chris Parnell, and Andy Samberg. i'm glad i found it, and i hope you get a laugh out of it!

Scott Meyer, the creator of the basic instructions comics, has one of the better comic strips available on the interwebs. most of his stuff is pretty funny. the strip presented below got the most laughs out of the fluxlife crew. enjoy!

(4 panel comic strip)

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calicolyst said...

I've seen that comic around, and it's pretty good, better than that Cyanide crap that everyone posts.

Cheryl said...

I need to print this out and thumb-tack it to my cubicle.

~*Miss A*~ said...

LOL I'm so going to steal this comic and send it to a coworker who can't stand me. I just love to torture him cause I'm a bitch like that!

Steve Morozumi said...

calicolyst - yeah, i've seen Cyanide and i'm not impressed. Basic is decent and has a few that are pretty funny.

Cheryl - yes, i too think this
cubicle entertainment worthy! great for when someone at work is being a jerk.

~*Miss A*~ - that rocks! drive him mad. if he's cool, maybe he'll get a laugh. lol!

Kim said...

This is hilarious, I have so many friends that will appreciate this! Thanks for posting!

Bird* said...

the font in your blog is so small that i can not read it... just an FYI.

Bird* said...


Anonymous said...

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