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Christian Bale had ultimate gripitude on the set of Terminator Salvation last week. so, i thought i'd repost him up here at fluxlife with a link to one of the videos floating around the interwebs.

this is the third installment of the Monday gripe here at fluxlife. this week, my first gripe this is that i'll be getting surgery on my right knee this Thursday and i'll be staying at a place where the wireless internet is sometimes there, sometimes not. i'll be there for up to a week recovering. limited or completely lacking internet is not cool. then again, if i get cut off from the interwebs, maybe i'll remutate into a regular human being vs. a human being that is gradually merging with his laptop and the internet.

my other gripe is that in the middle of typing on one line, the cursor on my mac book will jump to another random area where i don't want it to be while i'm still typing. it messes up the html, or the text that i'm working on. it really pisses me off when i'm adding or deleting things in my blogger html/css template! @#$%^!!!

those are two of my current gripes for this monday. what's your gripe?

just another monday at the office:

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iaspire said...

My gripe is that a vast majority of people in my office are back stabbers. The same are also vapid and vacuous moles that suck the life force out of everything they touch.

Kylie w Warszawie said...

I really like this Monday gripe thing!

My 1st Monday gripe is that I teach 3 and 4 year old children (one child in particular) that are undisciplined.

My 2nd Monday gripe is that I teach teenagers that are undisciplined...when they are not around their parents.

Which brings us to my 3rd Monday gripe...just because you have taught your child to shake hands and be polite when you are present does not mean that they have internalized it and are actually good kids. It's just outward appearances, which are deceiving and the thing I like least about Poland.

i are tiny kitn said...

So what's wrong with you knee? when is the surgery??

i am chock full of gripe today-

I can't sleep all week, so last night in my dire attempt to sleep for once so i can go to work on monday- i take some sleeping pills. i slept alright! but can't wake up. I was am hour late to work and now my eyes are fluttering and all i wanna do is go back top beds...

gripe 2- my shoulder really hurts.

#3... ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz

Lori ann said...

Hey Steve, so sorry to hear about your knee surgery. I'll send good thoughts for a speedy recovery. I had the same thing done 3 years ago. If your drs advise, do the physical therapy!
Thank you for the kind comment at my place,
how can I follow your blog?

x lori

Claireabelle said...

My gripe is that it's foggy and I want snow! LOL

Hope Thursday goes OK for you

robin_titan said...

I have to many monday gripes it would take for every to type them!

Wow, that christian bale is crazy

calicolyst said...

My gripe is that there is no video of Christian Bale yelling at the director. Or when he punched his mom.

Fabulously Broke said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fabulously Broke said...

I deleted my last comment because I realized that I don't need to write a post for this.

The reason why that is happening like that is because Blogger thinks like this:

1. You go to the main URL, and it says "READ MORE", you click on it, it fans out so you can read the entire post.

2. If you are clicking on the actual post header "It's Monday.., what's your gripe?".. then you're already IN the read more functionality, because you're in the actual post URL itself.. and Blogger thinks it's moot to make a reader click on "read more" when they're already in that specific post already.

Does that make sense?

Steve Morozumi said...

iaspire - ouch!

Kylie w Warszawie - excellent kid gripage! off tangent question: do you speak polish?

i are tiny kitn - i have a torn medial meniscus in my right knee. surgery is this coming thurs. wow. what's up with the insomnia? sorry about your shoulder. hahaha! you are tiny sleeping kitn!

Lori ann - thanks for your good wishes and advice. i appreciate it! you're welcome for the comment. how's your knee doing these days? i'll either send you an email or re-comment on your blog about "Following" Blogger blogs.

Claireabelle - i hope you get snow! what part of the country are you in? thanks for the good luck!

robin_titan - ahhhh, you have infinite gripitude. impressive! yeah, Bale went nuts on the set. unfortunately lots of actors do, he's just the one that got caught.

calicolyst - true dat. where is the missing video?

Fabulously Broke - wow. thanks for the answer! that makes sense. now all i have to do is figure out how to make it work accordingly.

trishiekoh said...

My gripe is that there are people whom you know are evil but there is nothing you (or anyone) can do about it...oh, the injustice of it all!

trishiekoh said...

oh, and by the way, good luck with the knee surgery!

Steve Morozumi said...

trishieko - hope you win out over the injustices of the evil this week! lol! thanks for wishing me well on the surgery! have a good one! btw, how' the weather in Australia these dayz?

awakeningmoon said...

i hope your knee gets better soon.....i reckon i'm already guilty of having symbiotic relationship with my laptop^__^....we are ONE...HAHAHAA

Steve Morozumi said...

awakeningmoon - thank you! ahhhh, i see i'm not the only one. hahaha!

Miss JC said...

Aww..Steve, I hope your surgery goes well! My gripe (from yesterday) is that I'm tired of having a messy house. Of course, I could just get off my butt and clean it! :)

Steve Morozumi said...

Miss JC - thanks for wishing me well on my surgery! i share your house cleaning gripe and add it to all my other gripes! lol!

Janaki said...

christian bale needs to be spanked. did you know that the prodcution was recording him for insurance purposes. They were concerned that he might bail on the production... i dont watch the news and the above fact may already be all over the place. haha!

My very late gripe... I have a head full of snot. meh!

Best wishes with the knee surgery.

SK said...

My current gripe is my aunt. She is one of those condescending types that talks to people in a way that makes them feel like idiots. But she is so amiable-seeming and good-natured about it all that you feel bad about feeling bad about it. It REALLY brasses me off. *SK*

Steve Morozumi said...

Janaki - i elect you to do the spanking! LOL! thanks for the good wishes on my knee surgery. in about 6-8 hours from now they'll start the surgery on my knee. i should be in bed right now!

SK - that sounds hilarious and irritating at the same time. Dr. Jekyl and Mrs. Aunt. lol! what can ya' do?

Lydia said...

Is it alright that I'm here on Thursday early morning to gripe about how fast the week has gone?

I'm thinking about you post-surgery. I hope you rest well, heal fast, and get lots of reading done away from a monitor! :)

Ron Centeno said...

My gripe is that some people close to you can't simply be happy for your successes, instead they put you down.

Get well soon man!

Steve Morozumi said...

Lydia - post a comment on the monday gripe any time during the week! thanks for your good wishes on my recovery and everything!

Ron Centeno - who be tryin' to get you down? thanks for the get well soon wish!

Kylie w Warszawie said...

In answer to your question: Tylko troche. I speak only a little. But my Polish is improving because I teach at the preschool where one of the kids speaks and understands only Polish (2 of the kids speak only in Polish but understand everything you say in English - however they do pretend that they don't understand you).

anesha said...

Hi Nice Blog . I don't really know a lot about Knee or art, but that's just my 2 cents. Really great job though, Krudman! Keep up the good work!