Keep an open mind on national health care - The PA Inquirer

this is an interesting article from an American writer living in London. Ashley Sayeau, the author of the article, makes some great points about the advantages to a national healthcare system. towards the end of the article, she mentions things like keeping your healthcare even after your job ends, being able to go to school or write that novel you've always wanted to, and still have healthcare service.

here's the link: The British model proves it's not as scary as feared.

here's something funny / strange from the fluxlife blogroll:
MDMA (ecstasy) and loud music affects rat sex life (from

what else have i seen that's pretty cool?:
The Rise of The Four Day Work Week

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SK said...

1. Now that sounds pretty awesome. Ahhh. Britain. Is there anything they can't do??

2.Thats hilarious, and yes, rather weird.

3. Now THAT sounds nice...Waaaay better than being fired.

Good Post! Covers lots!! :o) *SK*

Janaki said...

England rocks! I lived in London about 8 years ago and the Health Care is good. You can also go private health insurance if you want to pay for it. So you do have options unlike here were you have... well... none.

Haha! Rats on ecstasy listening to loud music having sex.... Right. I'm wondering why the researchers did not just do the experiments on themselves? peace!

fluxlife said...

@ SK: yeah, Britain's got some stuff goin' on. agreed, rat story, funny, bit weird. SK, thanks again for your comments! have super awesomeness of holidays! :D

@ Janaki: thanks for bringing your England experience to us! great call on the experimenters. maybe they'll wise up next year and try it out! thanks for stoppin' by! happy happy holidays to you!

awakeningmoon said...

I guess our Health Care System (NHS)has certain benefits. Rodents raving and taking recreational drugs in the name of WEIRD science! Can't say I envy the scientist watching the vermin porn. But a 4-day work week sounds FANTASTIC. HAppy Holidays.

fluxlife said...

@ awakeningmoon: thanks for your comments and thanks for stoppin' by! and happy holidays to you too!