Don't They Know It's Christmas? -

fluxlife's x-mas shopping advice: buy your most expensive items after Christmas, you'll save more than you ever have in the past.

here's why: watch in January for some stores to file for bankruptcy

wow. i feel badly for the stores, but then again bankruptcy doesn't necessarily mean closure. so i guess a lot of stores will still exist, but many of them will probably have to get rid of a lot of inventory due to bankruptcy terms and poor Christmas sales. that's where the consumer fits in. we help them move that inventory fast after the holidays in exchange for super low prices.

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SK said...

This really sucks for them, and in turn, everyone. Wow it has been a horrible year for everything. Oh well...Things sound funnier when the sky is gray. *SK*

fluxlife said...

yeah it sucks. i think i'm gonna follow my own advice on the shopping tip though. Santa's on a budget ya know! ho! ho! ho! :/