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one more reason to start relocating coal workers to wind, solar, and smart grid work and away from dirty environment killing coal:

The electric grid may be able to handle... way more (wind and solar power) than previously thought.

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SK said...

Wow this is interesting. People really need to push harder for the revamp of the power grid. Change could come so much more easier after that. Cool post. *SK*

Liz Donnelly said...

Steve, great blog! You might find this of interest:

Cleveland (my hometown) really wants to build more of these wind turbines along Lake Erie. I'm excited to see one of the most polluting cities getting greener.

SK said...

Ooh.. I just looked up how many wind turbines Iowa has, and apparently there are more than 600 and the number is growing. Its because it is so flat here of course.... And I have heard that South Dakota has the potential to generate half of the country's electricity thorough wind turbines. It always comes back to politics though....*SK*

fluxlife said...

@ SK: glad you found this post interesting. smart grid technology and wind/solar integration will happen. also glad to hear Iowa is rockin' the turbines! yah, i heard South Dakota has the potential, and what they're missing is the grid technology. so maybe we can connect CA with SD and get something going. thanks again for your comments SK, and happy holidays!

@ Liz Donnelly: glad you like my blog. and glad to see Cleveland is greening up! thanks for your comments Liz, and happy holidays to you too!

-steve @ fluxlife