happy friday!

i've got no time to post right now. i'm on the run. not from the law or anything like that (haha). just super busy today. check out the comments on yesterday's post and add yours to it if you like. pretty good comments, pretty interesting. and/or, leave a random comment on this happy friday!/no real topic post! :D

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Anonymous said...

I would like to be on the run from the law one day....Sounds picturesque... They would make a movie about it. Lol.

fluxlife said...

hey SK!,
oooh got a second to write... actually, at this point i would prefer to be on the run from the law as opposed to running around town like a maniac!

Elizabeth said...

Awesome website! Have any recommended info sites for mercury/PCBs in various forms of seafood?

fluxlife said...

hi Elizabeth!,

this link from my post yesterday, has some info on what seafood is a threat to us and what seafood isn't:
Increased Mercury Counts in Birds and Seafood due to Coal Fired Plants

here's a link i ripped quickly from that same mercury article:


not exactly what you requested, but
it has a lot of info regarding safety for babies & mothers against chemical toxins as well as other interesting info.

just wanted to do a quick referral while i'm runnin' by.
as i find more, i'll get 'em to ya'.

Charlie said...

Hi. I worked for the U.S. Department of Energy's environmental analysis programs for 22 years. For 5 of those years, I worked in the Clean Coal Technology Program. In my experience, the Program was mostly about transferring tax dollars to private corporations under the guise of "research" and was only peripherally related to the environment. Highly placed Bush Adm. officials were more than happy to lavish large grants on the coal industry, while the research and deployment of clean coal technology produced little more than minor modifications to existing technologies and resulted in only unimpressive environmental rewards.

Elizabeth, the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry publishes a very readable report on mercury in the environment, including potential exposure through the diet:

ATSDR report

In addition, they maintain a helpful webpage specifically devoted to mercury, and they have a Chemical Agent Brief Sheet for a general audience.

FDA also publishes an enormous amount of info about mercury, including this backgrounder, for example.

The Backgrounder includes a link to an EPA/DHHS table showing levels of mercury in various types of commercial fish species.

I would also mention Scorecard.org because it allows you to see various types of pollution in a community by ZIP code; and you can search "mercury" on the site and find tons of helpful information. It's a non-government site, and it has impeccably good data sources.

I know that many people don't trust government reports--and they shouldn't because the Bush Adm. openly and repeatedly falsified scientific documents to advance a right-wing political agenda. However, in the sites I mention above, I have never known the gov't to falsify data. They lie in the interpretation of data, not the actual data.

Hope this helps.

fluxlife said...

@ Charlie: wow. thanks for the info. do you have any PCB specific information links?

Charlie said...

PCBs are nasty business and off the top of my head, I can think of at least 4 or 5 Federal agencies involved in the regulation of PCBs and their potential effect on human health and the environment.

PCBs that have been released to the environment fall under, for example, the Toxic Substances Control Act; the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act; the Safe Drinking Water Act; the Clean Air Act; the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, and so on. It's a regulatory nightmare.

A good starting point, as I also mentioned for mercury, is the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR). They have this page on PCBs, with Chaps. 3 and 6 probably being the most helpful.

EPA's summary of PCB health effects is on this page.

The Natural Resources Defense Council published a human interest article about cleaning up PCBs in the environment using earthworms and this special report on endocrine disruptors such as PCBs. The tone is a little hysterical at times, but it's a well done article nevertheless.

The Green Facts organizations has this excellent summary info. about PCBs.

The American Council on Science and Health (ACSH) published a book about PCBs in the environmental and the potential health effects (to download the book, see the link on the right-hand side of the page). The ACSH has been accused of being a front for industry and right-wing politicians, and of publishing biased studies; but if you look at the book, you can judge for yourself. Personally, I think there is some bias in it because the author is quite selective in his choice of data points and the interpretation of them.

That's what I came up with quickly regarding PCBs. If there was something specific you were interested in, I'd be glad to point you to any publications I'm aware of on the subject.

Charlie said...

Oops. Sorry for the bad link. The Green Facts page is here.

fluxlife said...

@ Charlie: do you have contact info for my readers and myself. i for one, would like to discuss "clean coal: the oxymoron" with you further.