clean coal: the oxymoron (8)

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fluxlife was going to end this series at (7) posts. we have found an article that was released today that keeps this series going for one more day.

here's the link:
Increased Mercury Counts in Birds and Seafood due to Coal Fired Plants

here is some information about Acid Rain that is largely caused by the coal industry as well:
Acid Rain Is Largely Caused by Coal Burning Power Plants

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SK said...

Thanks for this info. It really puts it all into perspective. America needs to find an alternative to coal. RIGHT AWAY. There is no excuse for our nation's neglect of the environment. *SK*

fluxlife said...

yes we do! and yes we can!

we also need to set an example that the world can follow.

about half of the air pollution from coal fired power plants that causes mercury poisoning in the U.S. comes from us.

the other half blows over the ocean to the U.S. from Asia, primarily.

houstonmacbro said...

So true! Cleaner is not clean.

houstonmacbro said...

Seems like we're intent on destroying the planet AND ourselves.

fluxlife said...

@ houstonmacbro: yup. even if they do run "cleaner" coal power plants, there will still be higher mercury counts in our seafood, and we'll still have acid rain, and global warming. not to mention MTR (Mountaintop Removal mining) as an increasingly popular way to harvest coal.

people may not know it, but coal is the predominant way that the world produces electricity. and that's one of the big problems about coal - overuse to the point of causing irreversible environmental damage.

even if we run "cleaner" coal plants, there's still a ton of emissions of smoke, heat, oxides, and CO2 going off around the world en masse due to coal fired power plants. even without the SO2 (Sulfur Dioxide - one of the compounds causing Acid Rain - and to which the industry has made efforts to curtail), these previously listed items in addtion to MTR will still continue to wreak havoc on our environment if coal remains the predominant way that the world generates electricity, "cleaner" or not.