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off topic, but extremely important link to a news realease today
(the chances that this news release affects you as you read this is about 3 in 4):

The flaw in Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser could allow criminals to take control of people's computers and steal passwords.

(they recommend switching to Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Opera for your browser.
I recommend Mozilla Firefox).

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off topic, but interesting links to the $50 Billion Ponzi Scheme Update today:
S.E.C.: Our Bad

Hey Ponzi: What’s Your Exit Strategy, Exactly?

Entertain yourself with this link:

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nubiz said...

1. I feel sorry for the 75% of the world that uses Internet Explorer. Do yourselves a favor: buy yourself a Mac for X-mas and download Firefox.
2. I still can't wrap my mind around that $50 Billion Ponzi scheme. I guess if I could, I'd be rich (lol)!
3. That Sock and Awe game is silly and fun. I hit Bush 7 times. If you beat that, lemme know (haha)!

fluxlife said...

1. yup
2. hurry up and figure it out, then send me money!
3. nope, 5 is my best. we might have to give out awards for top scores (haha).

SK said...

Wow. Guess I may have to change to Mozilla (which I call Godzilla). Oh well. He is a pretty cool monster too.
Lol fun game. I hit Bush 15 times!!!! Lol I guess this means that I've totally got what it takes to be a journalist.

Mickey writes... said...

Thanks for the support!! I will be following your blog! It is great!! Keep writing!


Kylie w Warszawie said...

Firefox rocks! I actually cannot stand IE and always use Firefox.

fluxlife said...

@ SK: godzilla firefox. that's funny!
so far you're the fluxlife blog winner of Sock and Awe. we'll have to send you an award unless another contender can beat your score! we'll also be interested to hire you as our highly rated shoe hurling journalist (lol)!

fluxlife said...

@ Mickey: you're welcome for the support and thanks for the compliments!

fluxlife said...

@ Kylie: i'm glad you use mozilla's firefox, 'cause that's the browser i use for writing my blog! and now i know you do too! cheers!