clean coal: the oxymoron (6)

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fluxlife thought of the day:

"when things are allowed to occur naturally in abundance and spaciousness, the beauty and the form of these things/beings arises in the most surprisingly elegant and beneficial ways."

this idea popped into my head, when upon awakening, i was surprised to see one of my cats resting and stretched out so luxuriously high atop a loft : in an almost yogic posture. i was quite amazed.

at first i thought this was off topic, but then i realized that the fluxlife thought of the day can be applied to how we deal with coal, and energy in general.

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fluxlife sub-thought of the day:
"i like to be concise with my words: it gives me more time to listen."

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itcanbe said...

Nice meditation on the environment and energy.

fluxlife said...


-steve @ fluxlife

SK said...

Wow. That is really deep. If we would just let things be, they would be beautiful. We assume we know best. And it can SO be applied to the way we think about environment and energy. Fantastic thinking. *SK*

fluxlife said...

@ SK: thanks for getting me. i luv your wit and intelligence! thanks again for stopping by.

Claireabelle said...

There is, however, clean coal technology.

fluxlife said...

@ Claireabelle: hey there! welcome to the fluxlife blog!, and thanks for your comment which is quite accurate.

and yes, they are researching it, but there are no prototypes much less an active demonstration plant to show us how it might work. that's because the cost to get it going is not affordable now or in the foreseeable future by any stretch of the imagination.

even if they get a clean air prototype going, they still have to deal with the significant environmental damage caused by MTR (Mountaintop Removal mining), which is becoming one of the most popular methods used to obtain coal.

Claireabelle, if you know of any working clean coal plants that don't derive any of their coal supply from MTR, please let us know.

and thanks again for stoppin' by. we gave you a follow at your blog! we like the pendant that you made! very nice!