clean coal: the oxymoron (5)

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an interesting headline i caught today:
Shoe-Hurling Iraqi Becomes a Folk Hero

Bush is reluctant to kiss the shoes of Iraqi journalist:

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Obama unveils energy team today at 2PM Pacific Time, live on CNBC, FOX NEWS, and other channels.

Obama started off the speech by saying that the economy and national security are tied into one thing: energy.

i'm waiting to hear whether or not anyone talks about "clean coal" (the oxymoron)...

nope. didn't think so, but just happened to catch the press conference.

the big question at the news conference was: did Rahm Emanuel have inappropriate contact with the Illinois government? i won't comment on that here, but that turned out to be the big concern of one of the press at the unveiling of the energy team today. the question, being the last one Obama took, overshadowed the whole press conference to a large degree. too bad that press guy couldn't stick with the topic at hand. maybe he would have asked: "isn't clean coal an oxymoron?" maybe not. but it would have been interesting if it was asked.

gotta go for now. i'll report back later if i have anything further today.

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SK said...

I completely missed the press conference. That sucks. But I DID watch the "farewell kiss" Bush almost recieved. Lol. I watched that several times. He is so very agile, Bush is. He ducked so quickly. He finally learned when to keep his head down. Good for him. *SK*

fluxlife said...

hey there SK, you didn't miss a whole lot on the press conference (it was short).

Bush sure is good at dodging things!, you've got that right! (lol)! :D

Eppie said...


fluxlife said...

thanks !