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i was being nosy about how Chevron views the coal industry. they have the above graph on their energy page (seeing as they have a huge futuristic campus/headquarters right across the bridge from me, i thought i'd check 'em out).

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just to be clear, the graph is not Chevron's outlook for 2030, it's the statistics arm of the Department of Energy, called the Energy Information Administration. this is their projection. so, if fluxlife,, and any other interested parties have anything to do with it, we'll have that coal number at 0%, where it should be.

after scanning Chevron's overview of their energy endeavors and outlooks, i found their coal page. one of the interesting points here is the projection that the U.S. has 300 years of coal suppy left. well, if we continue the devastation of our air through coal burning, and the davastation of our land and water through MTR (MountainTop Removal mining) involved in coal harvesting, we probably won't be around as a species by the time we use up the existing coal suppy.

another interesting point i garnered from the Chevron coal page, was that there are at least two other primary coal related industries that mine variations of the coal compound, thereby increasing the incidence of MTR, for not just coal, but low sulphur coal, and calcined petroleum coke.

well, that's 'nuff said on the subject for a Sunday! see you all back here, tomorrow at fluxlife! have a great evening and an even better day tomorrow!

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SK said...

I love how Chevron talks so much about making it all cheaper and easier, but they barely glance at the idea of reducing greenhouse emissions. But they tactfully put their half-arsed plan at the bottom of the page so it is memorable for all of us goldfish of the world. Well zippity-doo-da, aren't they clever.....

fluxlife said...

@ SK: you nailed that one! there is no mention of CO2 reduction/elimination on Chevron's part regarding the industrial use of their coal supply.

Chevron owns 3 coal burning power plants that i know of, so they are definitely responsible for CO2 emissions from a carbon based source, thereby contributing to global warming and ozone layer destruction.

what Chevron also neglects to mention is the destruction they're causing through MountainTop Removal mining in order to harvest the coal.

wow, SK, you really got me goin'!
excellent comments you've made on this topic! thank you very much!

have a really great day/evening! :D

-steve @ fluxlife

Kylie w Warszawie said...

I'm still a bit out of my element here, but I totally believe in comment love. I was raised by hippies.

I do know, though, that Poland is working toward eliminating coal as energy (only 'cause I read a paper on it the other day). They've gotten money from the EU to explore wind power and other alternatives to coal.

fluxlife said...

@ Kylie: right on! thanks for opening up an international perspective on the topic.

the fact that Poland is working on ejecting their coal industry makes me wonder why the supposed world leader (the U.S.), is not.

kudos for Poland, for being proactive about the environment!

and thanks for the comment love Kylie!

-steve @ fluxlife