clean coal: the oxymoron (3)

(topic continued from yesterday's post)

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i don't have much time today, but what i want to do is start identifying more of the players involved with, and other media contacts. whether or not it's trivial, i want to know who the actor is in the commercial. who is he?

i also want to put together a proposal of additional information to submit to the project regarding MTR (Mountain Top Removal) involved in coal harvesting. i may consider recruiting additional interested team members for the effort.

probably won't get to it all today, more so just starting to lay out strategy for implementation.

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itcanbe said...

That's pretty sweet. You're turning a blog post into activism. Good job! Keep up the good work!

The Damsel said...

Very interesting blog. A lot of issues I'd like to learn more about. Thanks for finding me!

fluxlife said...

@ The Damsel: i'm glad you dig the blog! glad to have you!

thanks for your comment, and thanks for stoppin' by! :D

have an awesome day!

-steve @ fluxlife

fluxlife said...

@itcanbe: thanks for the compliment! yeah, it's pretty cool how this post has started developing into activism!

-steve @ fluxlife

Anonymous said...
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