Osama bin Hidin'

fluxlife.blogspot.com invited me to blog over here. So, I decided to post for fluxlife today; and then, all of a sudden, the CIA knows where bin Laden is. Such an act, what an act! maybe they're having tea with him and smoking some fine Cuban cigars together too! Are we gonna let the CIA get the better of us?! I say NO! I challenge any of you out there to invite bin Laden over for a meal, then snare him while he's drunk, aha! I asked the boss at fluxlife, and he said he'd foot the bill! We'll get this bin Laden way before those prissy CIA boys do!911 ripple effect -
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fluxlife said...

osama bin hidin'? no, i think you've been hidin'! i thought you quit! thanks for the post. pretty funny, too!! judging from your posting time, you must be far eastward. get in touch with me asap. hoowah!

p.s. what's this about fluxlife footing the bill for your osama bin eatin' affair? i never authorized that! hahaha!

Sherry Gukeisen said...

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