11/11 Veterans Day

this day forces me to take a break from post election thoughts
and prop 8.

i think a great veteran's day gift in the near future would be to create NO more war veterans.

that way, we could focus on helping the veterans we do have and get them better care!

at the same time, not ruining or ending more American lives (and other lives) by NOT manufacturing wars would be a move in the humane direction.

by the way, if you want Bin Laden, he's in Pakistan not Afghanistan.
but, the Republican Feds and various corporations don't really want to get him: that ends the excuse for the Pentagon/White House/Involved Corporations to run around the Middle East with guns hanging out of their zippers; raping, and pillaging for resource control and other ungodly things! none of it morally based (in truth), unless you ask the Mormons: i'm sure harming and debasing other human beings illegally and immorally is a-okay by them (ouch! prop 8 thoughts popped up on me unexpectedly, & my apologies to any good Mormons out there: your people f#@$*% up big time!)

my suggestion to the Fed-Corporate-Military Complex: keep it in your pants boys, and if Bin Laden is real and not something the CIA or similar agency dreamt up: capture him and end this thing. it's always been within our grasp, someone always knows where he is. if a CIA/CIA-like agency dreamt it up: END THE NIGHTMARE you've created and let's get on with peace in the Middle East! or at least get out and stay out!

" if Bin Laden is indeed "the real deal bad guy" we could have detained him or eliminated his effectiveness "to do evil" a long time ago with an intelligence service that actually works. "
-quote from fluxlife's post: "the pentagon spends money on war..."

see also: Improve the CIA? Better to abolish it

one of the precursors to 9/11 was the American government's formation of ARAMCO with Saudi Arabia back in 1938 through king Ibn Saud (see also on the video below). right away, the Wahabi Muslims, got way pissed off at America for swooping in on their territory, and stayed pissed off (good job Pentagon!). later on, we additionally pissed off Bin Laden (if he's real, and not a CIA/NSA manufactured identity). we got into the middle east because of greed and ignorance, and now we need to get out and stay out before another 9/11 happens.
a little background on how our government got their fingers into the middle east cookie jar in the first place, and some history that is connected with the gulf war military campaigns and some of the events leading up to 9/11:
this is a 3 minute 49 second "historical primer on the eight-decade history of Saudi Arabia and its convoluted relationship with the United States" (1.)
{best political opening sequence for a movie "the kingdom"}:
{paragraph 2 of article is source of quote above}
{paragraph 4 of article explains methods of fact checking for video}

if we don't give terrorists an excuse to attack us they'll attack other countries that do piss them off. as you'll learn if you read Bruce Schneier's article: "7 habits of highly ineffective terrorists", terrorists are random in their actions and allegiances. they just wait around for a country to piss them off. then they attack that country du jour to maintain their predominant social system which are terrorist communities. that doesn't mean America needs to keep giving them excuses to attack us because we're over there stirring up the hornet's nest for OIL. besides, if we lend them a hand with building infrastructure and economy, they won't need terrorist communities to survive.
see the article:
7 habits of highly ineffective terrorists by Bruce Schneier for a full yet relatively brief explanation of the real hows and whys of terrorism that our government needs to learn and implement ASAP.

the Fed-Corporate-Military complex has always had the power to end our problems with the middle east. they will do so when it serves them best financially, or when the American people start helping them realize we need to put an end to it, and then start helping them do so. i think that any of us citizens that help end the war in IRAQ should get paid off of portions of salaries of Congress and other related Feds/Pentagon/Corporate officials/authorities not ending the war.

fluxlife thoughts o' the day: "the wisest generals do not resort to war, they have learned to utilize sophisticated systems of diplomacy and advanced leveraging techniques to gain a socio-political tactical advantage over any potential adversaries."

at the end of the day, nobody really wants to hemmorhage to death on a dirty blood soaked battlefield in a pointless war because Haliburton's Daddy needs a new pair of shoes.

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