Proposition 8

below is an excerpt from a fluxlife email received on 11/11 :

"In case you haven't seen this yet...
(We're all flooded with email. This one seems strategic, though.)
Here's the link:

Also, here's a link to the national Prop 8 protest on Nov. 15:

Here's the main gist of the "Mormons Stole Our Rights" site:

"Strip the Mormon church of its tax-exempt status. If court challenges don't reverse Prop 8, community leaders are recommending a new proposition next year. If that happens, then preventing churches from bankrolling the opposition is key. A church (especially the Mormon church, which financed 70% of the Yes on 8 campaign) cannot claim tax-exempt status "if a substantial part of its activities is attempting to influence legislation."

a special thanks for this info. goes out to:
A Former Presidential Candidate

i would also like to thank The Jaded Hippy for first bringing
my attention to

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this sat. 11/15 at 10:30am the SF, CA
rally will take place
near the san francisco city hall
at the civic center park.

for the latest bloggin'/vloggin' at the SF rally go to:
Proposition 8 Rally San Francisco Nov 15 2008

see related post with fluxlife footage of SF protest marchers from Nov 7 2008:
gay marriage rights protest san francisco nov 2008

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iaspire said...


Jimmy said...

Nice job Good Going Dear!!!

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itcanbe said...

I'll see you there iaspire!

fluxlife said...

thanks for your comment jimmy! i checked out your blog, pretty suhweeet!

apsupyres said...

My experience as a child. I was born into a household where both of my parents where never divorced as well as grandparents on both sides never divorced. I was brought up in a very straight world there for taught n nothing of gay and lesbian. Yet my feelings for women still developed about the time I hit puberty.

As far as it being a choice, the choice to be with someone of the opposite sex and never be happy is forced sure. Men are always trying to change women, they are scared of being kicked out of their homes or disowned by family refused jobs for being open. And men are beaten, tortured, killed and teased relentlessly and also refused jobs for being open.

You can train anyone to write with their left hand, if you slap their right hand hard enough, it doesn't mean it is right for that person.

And as per the marriage being about breeding no. The first marriage license was written on a slave trade agreement with the word slave x'd out and marriage put in. Now a days it's about a promise to always love protect nurture and care for someone till death. Plus the assets after death, medical insurance during life, and just knowing someone wants you in their life forever and the ability to agree to it, should be a choice anyone gets no matter color, gender, religion. And now a days due to artificial insemination and adoption a lesbian/gay couple does have a better ability than the sterile straight couple to breed.

I thought this was America land of the Free. Not America land of the Free unless we can find a way to screw with you because of something you don't agree with.

fluxlife said...

hey there apsupyres!, thanks for your comment! i too was under the impression that this is a country of equal rights, freedoms, and the pursuit of happiness for all. it looks like the civil rights movement has taken a step a backward for the moment. though, i have a feeling this step backward will also be the spring board to propel us much further forward in the fight for our civil rights.

Much Ado About... said...

Do you really believe that a majority of the Mormon Church’s activities were based on work around prop 8. This is a church that donates more money to aid than any other organization except the US government. They are the largest funder of Malaria research and medicine and the second largest funder of aids medicine for Africa. They were the largest donator of relief related aid to Katrina victims. Besides the church gave no money to Prop8, it just suggested that its member do. Which is completely legal, and the same thing that many other churches did.

fluxlife said...

hey there Much Ado About... thanks for your comment! the claim is that a SUBSTANTIAL amount of effort went into Prop 8 from the Mormons side of things, NOT ALL their effort. substantial does not mean all. the problem is not how much of the Mormon Church's total funds were allocated, it is how much of the total cost of Prop 8 that was funded by the efforts of all the Mormon Church members. A Church is made up of it's members which include administrative staff, authorities, and priests, as well as the congregants to whom you refer. It is well reported that the authorities of the Mormon Church told the members (ie "the church"), to make Prop 8 their sole priority until it succeeded. there was no suggestion involved: it was a command.

A church (especially the Mormon church, which financed 70% of the Yes on 8 campaign) cannot claim tax-exempt status "if a substantial part of its activities is attempting to influence legislation."

when a legislative action is largely funded by any group, it is clear that that group is a special interests group, not a church in this case.

no one's arguing all the good the Mormon Church has done. the problem is that they are not exhibiting church behavior by funding 70% of a legislative action. this type of work falls under special interests groups and lobbyists who subvert our civil rights by throwing money at legislation they want passed even if it conflicts with the U.S. Constitution. in this respect, the Mormons are no longer considered a church and stand to lose their tax exempt status.

Anonymous said...

The mormon church has a right to tell its members what they should belive (they go to church to be lead). However, they need to lose thier tax-exempt status.

As long as the governement is issuing marriage liscences, they have to give them to everyone.

fluxlife said...

Thanks for your comment! As long as a Church does not bleed over their activities to influencing state matters, yes. once a church directive becomes integrated with state business, that's a problem. breaking separation of Church and State is always extremely problematic. that's why we have laws against it. unfortunately, the referees were sleeping on this latest travesty.

great point on the governmental issuance of marriage licenses! in keeping with the U.S. Constitution, we can't very well give some people marriage licenses, and then leave out other people.