30th Anniversary of Milk and Moscone's Deaths in San Francisco

Yesterday marked the 30th anniversary of SF Supervisor Harvey Milk's and SF Mayor's George Moscone's deaths. Today and tonight, San Francisco conducted a memorial beginning at San Francisco City Hall and ending up in The Castro. For more details, check out the links below:



I caught some footage for fluxlife. So far, we're all using our macbooks on photobooth for filming, so you get our famous backwards footage below:

The 7pm Harvey Milk Movie, "MILK", was sold out on opening night; tonight at the Castro Theatre. Before I got there, there was a line from the theatre on Castro Street down to 18th, and around the corner down 18th for quite a ways. I don't know how they fit everybody in there!?

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fluxlife said...

hey there itcanbe!, thanks for the coverage.

fluxlife said...

w00t! this is our 100th post at fluxlife! we're still a young blog, but i think it's party worthy nonetheless!

itcanbe said...

Hey Boss!, where's the party?!