what is fluxlife?

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every so often, we here at fluxife like to discuss the question: "what is fluxlife?", or "define fluxlife." seeing as our 100th post is around the corner, we think it is appropriate to ask and exlplore the question yet again.

Google Glossary: define:Flux

see also:
the fluxlife blog's very 1st Google Blogger post!: "define fluxlife"

we actually started out on Wordpress.com and moved over to Google Blogger a day later. at the time, it was unclear as to how to place advertisements on Wordpress.com, and Wordpress.com did not readily offer access to the Page Layout. nor was there access to the HTML/CSS blog template. without immediately clear access to these capabilities on Wordpress.com, we moved over to Google Blogger where all of these things are readily accessible from the gitgo.

what is fluxlife?
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itcanbe said...

Nice Header! I like the new header! Looks like a diy, good job. Looks great! The fish and the green sphere-like sea life is actually pretty tight!

WTF is up with the black and whites? Looks ineresting. I think that's our first black and white photos ever! Kinda cool. Okay, this is some vintage NASA shit! Okay, now this is very cool. I get it.

BTW, Have you thought about changing our template? Maybe we should?

fluxlife said...

i'm glad you dig the new header. it was a little bit of work, but i dig it too! had to do something special for the 100th posting of fluxlife! what's funny is, Google counted our drafts that we haven't posted which total 6. so, currently we're actually at public posting #95. i went back and checked just to be sure. we,ve been victims of bad counting powerz on Google's part i guess? :/

thanx for the compliment on the photos! yup, vintage NASA lab photos. i dig vintage.

btw, i looked into changing templates this morning, and couldn't find one that i would trade this one for.

i'm open if you find one you like better, lemme' know! :)