what is thanksgiving?

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what is thanksgiving? fluxlife sez: "it's a holiday that has twisted origins that few people understand. this is not problem with the more benign holidays like x-mas, where i'm pretty sure it didn't involve Native Americans being murdered. but to celebrate thanksgiving in complete ignorance of the Native American mass murders connected with it is a problem. i propose that we should change thanksgiving to: "DAY OF MOURNING", and then add a new holiday to be celebrated one week after "DAY OF MOURNING", and call it "HARVEST OF GRATITUDE." make it a week long for good measure, and dedicate it to everyone involved in the food supply chain from agriculture, farmers markets, groceries, restaurants and all food service, as well as every individual at the end of the food supply chain (that means anyone that eats) :0 :D-furthermore, provisions should be made so that all the workers in the food supply chain, can be off for the week!"

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whatsername said...

I would love that!

fluxlife said...

hey there whatsername, thanks for stopping by!

who knows?, maybe we can do it! Obama would say: "Yes We Can!"

fluxlife said...

just thought i should put it out there that i've been doing a special GRATITUDE practice that started on thanksgiving day and continues today. some of my friends have read this post and thought that i was just full of rabble rousing and ruffled feathers (though, for good reason no doubt). but, i am also grateful for what i do have, and what progress we have made in reparitions, to the Native Americans (but, could someone remind me what those reparitions are again?:).