mccain's $5000 rip off

a few analysts are surprised that among many of mccain's damaging proposals, that there is not more media buzz about mccain's plan to tax american workers' employer health care benefits.
mccain wants to give a certain number of american families a $5000.00 refundable tax credit to buy health insurance. sound good? not really. the average cost of healthcare for an american family is about $12,000.00/year. that leaves the "lucky" families still holding the bag with $7000.00/year. in this economy, that's not quite enough help. this plan also leaves an estimated 20 million other americans without any health care at all after the employers drop health care plans because of mccain's bill.

over time, the taxes mccain imposes for health care will become much greater than the tax credit because the taxation is designed to increase faster than the tax credit. so, in the end everyone loses.

there should be a show called: "good morning mccain!" where they serve him some strong coffee and help him to understand what kind of suffering the middle/low/no income american is going through.

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