what does mccain really want? (part 1)

it took me awhile to see that the republicans and their large corporate allies are freaking out because they are in essence being exposed through the IRAQ war failures and excessive american and foreign deaths, and the fall of AIG and other financial institution giants. how 'bout the mccain SURGE in IRAQ? "Remarkable" as he would say (lol)!

what's happening now is the result of about 8 to 15 years of over leveraging through Greenspan and Bernanke encouraged by the Republican part of Congress backed by the Republican Administration towards DEREGULATION. one could also pick a myriad of other things to add to the current economic vacuum that has been created as well.

one thing that strikes me is that mccain doesn't have any specific steps towards improving things. he merely spouts rhetoric that can all be reduced to: "vote for me, because obama doesn't understand." i have seen what he says he wants in america played against what he's done in america and it conflicts about 99.9% of the time. for example, mccain will say: "i want to bring accountability to the corporations.", while previously supporting a $5 billion tax break for Exxon. where's our $5 billion tax break? we didn't even spill megatons of oil into the ocean and onto Alaskan shores; i think we individual americans deserve it more since we're not killing the animals and other life in the environment with a giant oil spill.

his speeches, interviews, debates, and press are all a cover to what he's been doing and continues to do: he attempts to falsely convince the american people that he's all for helping "joe average", so that he can continue to grant much greater support to the rich, large corporations,
and large scale war operations---all the things, people, and organizations that he relates to and is a part of every day. that's why he hasn't bothered to come up with any kind of plan to help out you and i (unless you count his dubious $300 billion mortgage assist bill to homeowners. a last minute flash in the pan move based on a knee jerk reaction to get elected. it is not well thought out at all. many analysts believe this plan will worsen the crisis and give more funds to the failed financial institutions because of the way it's constructed. that's mccain for ya': 50% impulse, 50% greed and corruption, 100% too old to connect with america authentically and 100% too old to withstand the rigors of an american presidency. by the way, has he even read the US Constitution? i highly doubt it).

obama is expressing his plans to the american people to help significantly reduce our health care costs, taxes, energy costs, and environmental impact among other things. it is clear that obama is actually working on improving the lives of those americans in need.
the republicans and their corporate sponsors are all hoping that the GW Bush advisors (2000 election campaign) under the hood of the mccain palin-bush machine can pull the wool back over our eyes like they did in Bush's 2000 appointment to the presidency. if they're lucky, they can get 4 to 8 more years of corporate kick backs and inflated earnings for themselves and their corporate buddies with little to no resistance from us, the american people. in fact, if they screw up this badly again, they'll just take our tax dollars and patch the holes in their mistakes and wars to nowhere (at least $10 billion/month) at your expense and mine, based on the current precedent.

if you're making at least $5 million a year and have at least 7 houses, vote for mccain/palin-bush. you'll probably get a few more tax breaks, a flushable economy at the expense of the lower and middle classes, and more dead people, both americans and others in the middle east and other parts of the world than you can shake a stick at. many analysts predict more deaths on the US eastern seaboard if the mccain/palin-bush ticket is elected, along the lines of 9/11.

one of the scariest things would be putting the fiery temperaments of mccain/palin onto the world stage and in control of the american military. stirring up the hornet's nest in the middle east and then leaving america vulnerable to attack is no way to preserve the lives of the american people.

so, even if you're uber rich and care for no other human life but your own; it's still a really, really bad idea to vote for the mccain/palin-bush ticket: you would still stand a chance of being injured or killed right here on american soil.

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