what does mccain really want? (part 2)

to put it in a nutshell: he wants to maintain the monetary gains of DEREGULATION and NO INVESTMENT IN PROGRAMS TO HELP AMERICANS IN NEED so that he himself, his family, and his other rich cronies and corporate buddies can benefit above all else. maintaining the support of the larger corporations is where mccain sees the greater power for himself, vs. what the average american can do for him. large corporations have been getting "welfare checks" from the Feds since before this latest market crash. mccain wants to ensure that the Fed coffers are nice and full, so that large corporations can get their corporate welfare checks as needed. what do you and i get?, we get to fill the Fed accounts with increased taxation by mccain. that's mccain for 'ya.

all mccain has to do is pull the wool over our eyes, get a majority of the american people to believe he's for us and not the corporations (which is the exact opposite of his actions), get into the white house, and then blow us off while wheeling and dealing with the large corporations, and running his 100 year IRAQ war in addition to any other wars that he sees fit to enact under the latest increase of UNITARY EXECUTIVE POWERS.

in order to achieve this dream, he speaks as a part time demagogue in the hopes that the majority of the american people will believe that he cares about the rest of us who make far less than $5 million and are lucky enough if we have one house, much less 7. he does not care about you and i, the average americans.

during the debate mccain mumbled that he wants to take away social security from those of us who have yet to retire. mccain also plans to raise over $1 trillion for the IRAQ WAR out of our taxes if he becomes president. here's a really good one: mccain wants to tax workers' health care. so, if you get health care through your employer, you'll be paying taxes on it if mccain makes it into the white house. SO, McCain wants to stop paying us social security and then take more and more of our money away from us through increased taxation at the same time! where's he gonna put all that money? into the 100 year IRAQ war, and the Fed's corporate welfare fund, that's where!

mccain is more interested in being a corporate representative than a representative of the american people. it took me a minute to see this clearly, and i will research this further to get more of the facts behind this. please write in with any verifiable facts regarding mccain's involvement, support, and benefit from corporate america/international corporations and war profiteering that you may have. thanks!

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