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what is yammer? it's a blogging platform in the same ball park as twitter, but for companies only. one day, fluxlife will be on yammer as well as twitter. is it possible to yammer a twitter, and vice versa? if it is, fluxlife will be there when it happens!

i'm going to get a business going or get a corporate job, just so i can yammer! i think it's a bit unfair (but also wildly appropriate) that yammer.com requires you to have a company email before joining the twitter-similar service.

whereas twitter asks the question: "what are you doing?", yammer alternatively asks the question: "what are you working on?" employers/owners/companies are already utilizing twitter as a communication/pr and productivity tool (see also, at the end of my post: "tweetrooster.com"). yammer thinks (and i would tend to agree), that the question "what are you working on?" would help to filter out a lot of the random communications that can occur with the more general question: "what are you doing?", that twitter offers. i mean, some people at work might want to know that you just stepped on some chewing gum, whereas others at work might want to know "what you're working on", seeing how you're at work and all. a little humor and interesting media couldn't hurt in the yammer process at work as well, i would think. no need to yammer yourself into a prison-like atmosphere or terrorist dictatorship type of environment. :)

yammer is also different because it allows you more than 140 characters per posting, and you can embed/link to various photos/media as well. so now you know: "what's all the clamor about yammer?" tell your boss, and get some today! start a: "yammer clamor" at your work place! why not give your boss one more highly valuable thing to put on his/her plate! they'll love you for it! peer pressurizit! why not?

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