Obama 51% | McCain 44% | Obama leads by 7%

CNN's Latest Poll of Polls: Obama 51% | McCain 44% | Obama leads by 7%
(no sampling error - these numbers are what they are, no +/- )

This is pretty much how the gap has been for quite some time. The gap has jumped up into double digits a number of times in favor of Obama (at 10%, 11%, and possibly higher), which is rare for a presidential race. It is clear that Obama is the one that a great majority of Americans believes in for real change.

Obama's lead will probably reach double digits again as the states leaning towards the democrats and Obama finish up their voting processes, as well as the rest of the states.

Obama is extremely far ahead in the electoral college as well, by some conservative estimates at 277 electoral college votes (7 over the 270 needed to become president-CNN), that it is blowing most people away. Has there ever been such a gap? Less conservative estimates place Obama at 364 electoral college votes (94 over the 270 needed to become president-http://electoral-vote.com).

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Chris said...

I'm taking a statistics class right now. This lead may or may not be legit. there is always about a 2.5% leeway on both percentages. There is no way to tell if it is what it is. Hopefully it is though. Now I'm confused.

Anyways, why no love, man? You got me addicted to the power of Twitter and you don't respond? C'mon!

fluxlife said...

zumisf @Christopher_S

got your comment@http://fluxlife.blogspot.com/ thanks! informative and entertaining!im a little slow on the tweet,apologies

less than 5 seconds ago from web in reply to Christopher_S