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man, it's like blogger christmas at fluxlife today! first i got my technorati tags, button, and links going (see "technorati stylie" post below)..., fluxlife has a twitter related/tweet rooster button in the side bar that allows anyone coming to the fluxlife blog to post a comment on twitter from fluxlife without having to check in at! like i said: "that's pretty tweet!" just click the button that says: "tweet about it!" in the sidebar (or at the top of this post) and start typing/twittering! if you need to close the twitter balloon that pops up, just click the button again.

check out tweet rooster if you're so inclined:
take a gander at twitter if you haven't:

great article from the nytimes tech section on how to utilize twitter as a productivity and communications/pr tool: how twitter can help at work

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