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the fastest way humans learn is by imitation (mirror neurons). the most effective way to teach is by being a role model. if i have something to teach, i find that being the thing i wish to teach is much more comprehensible on the deeper levels. this is where the teaching will actually take hold within the other(s). and since we learn fastest by imitation, being a role model for the thing i desire to teach is the fastest and most effective way to teach. words can help for checking course and directing, but that's it. the actual transmission of a teaching is most fully and effectively done by being a role model of that which you wish to teach. words tend to fold back upon themselves over time and create seeming contradictions at various junctures. that is why the buddha taught primarily by example. that is why zen is not the words, it is the people doing zen. the primary teachers of course, are the masters or roshis, like Roshi (Shunryu) Suzuki, who built the San Francisco Zen Center, and not so much the words he spoke, or wrote. There is an exception though. many well practiced zen practitioners are able to receive transmissions through the masters through their written words. see, now my words are folding back upon themselves, and so i stop here on this.

by the way, we are all buddhas (either in training, or in realization of our own buddha nature, which all human beings share). as such, we are all constantly exchanging teacher and student roles without stopping, without end. sometimes we see this, sometimes we do not, but it is always happening.

role playing is good for teaching how to change behavior (or to switch roles in your relationship - being playful in general is good - have fun) and/or how to approach interviews and giving business proposals.

true wealth is not just about money. true wealth is when you are committed to your passion every day that you schedule your passion to happen. every body needs to schedule regular off days, even from their passions, in order to keep them alive.

what i am really trying to do in business is create a life where i am on my own schedule living my passions every day. ...and then i looked at my day and realized i am currently doing that any way. money is just one reflection of the absolute wealth we all hold: inner wealth brought out in the consistent actions upon our passionate commitments. the dollars might not be there yet, but when we have lived this way for a long enough period of time, we will definitely need some offshore accounts to hold all the dollars that will crush us in giant heaps should we not have a direction for them to go besides directly at us. sounds kinda karazay, and kinda real to me. LOL! let's see how this adventure plays out. tell ya' more later. thanks for stopping by! c ya's soon!

have a day of ultimate awesomeness! :D

i leave you with this quote from one of our zen masters, Robert Aitken (starts off with a poem of sorts, followed by the roshi's (master's) commentary:

"At our moonviewing party
there is no one
with a beautiful face."

"I commented on quoting this poem elsewhere:
"What homely bastards we are, sitting here in the moonlight!" This kind of humorous, deprecatory self-enjoyment is the true basis for responsibility, the ability to respond. When you make a mistake, do you punish yourself or can you shake your head with a smile and learn something in the process? If you curse yourself, you are postponing your practice. If you simply tick off the error and resolve to do better next time, then you are ready to practice (to practice is to put into action a system of faith on a consistent basis: zen, yoga, religion, your own personal belief system, etc.)." - Robert Aitken, Taking The Path of Zen, Pg. 9

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Moose said...

Steve, I have a question for you . . . if you ever want a guest piece done because you're feeling swamped, please, come to me. If you give me a prompt or something to write about, I would love to have something featured on your blog if you feel overworked or bored of it.

awakeningmoon said...

i really liked this post....so could it be that i like the sound of this Zen you talk of....hmmmm!!!

ultimate awesomeness =p=p=p

Steve Morozumi said...

thanks guys!
Moose, I'll let you know. I could use another writer at the moment! I'll be in touch.

Moose said...

Sounds awesome, Steve!

Minka said...

Doesn't it also depend on what you are trying o teach? And who the learning subjects are? And whether they want to learn or it just happens accidentally? Nothing is that simple in life...

Steve Morozumi said...

in Zen, an entire lineage of teaching can be transmitted from one person to another in a single ceremony.

go ahead and google: "teaching by being a role model", and: "mirror neurons." it really is that simple.

a great life is often marked by it's simplicity.

Minka said...

Reading your reply, I feel there should be two words for teaching, somehow parallel to "studying" and "learning" as an activity aimed at gaining some new knowledge in a specific subject or field opposed to receiving new information in any situation.

Good post.

Nathan said...

Sounds awesome, Steve!