why did i follow myself?

Steve Morozumi at fluxlife

#1 i needed just one more follower for the fluxlife blog
before world domination could be mine!
#2 a great leader comes from the greatest of the followers.
#3 i'm vain as hell!
#4 i needed something to write about for fluxlife.
#5 i like putting crappy distorted blown up pictures of myself on the fluxlife blog.
#6 all of the above

if you picked #6, then i can tell you're adept at taking multiple choice tests, and kudos to you for that! i'm not saying that's the correct answer, i'm just complimenting you for taking lots of multiple choice tests in your life time.

if you picked #3, you've really got a good feel for my personality, but at the same time you "may" have missed the big picture. ...and i'm using "may" loosely.

if you picked #4, congratulations to you!, because that means you blog a lot! if you blog a lot, it is inevitable that a day (or many days) will come when you will be the bane of your own existence for having absolutely no idea what to blog about.

like the smart ass that i am, i left the correct answer out of the list. while almost all the answers above might work, they are not sufficient.
the real reason: i was just curious to know what blog posts look like when they pop up in a blog follower's "Reading List" in their Blogger dash board. i'll just call it "the reader" for short in the following paragraph.

what's my summary of findings?: 1. Google needs to get someone to fix the bugs in "the reader". 2. putting a photo/image at the top of your blog can help draw interest to your post inside the reader. 3. although a video may look like a photo/image when it's embedded in your blog, it does not show up in "the reader". 4. follow yourself, you'll get good information about how your posts are showing up in other people's readers, AND they'll think you're vain! (which is awesome by the way)
5. i can't believe i just nerded out writing about all this!

P.S. the recent changes that Google has made to the "Followers Gadget" i mostly like, but at first i thought it totally sucked! i still think Google should suck IT!, for not informing us of the change via email!!!

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calicolyst said...

I also followed myself for awhile, but then I stopped, because I didn't like the author. His posts made no sense.

iaspire said...

Why didn't I follow myself? LOL!

nubiz said...

First Google changes the Follower Gadget without telling us. Now I'm hearing that they've got bugs in their dash board viewer.

I guess either Google sucks, or they don't give a s^*t about us, or both.

Steve Morozumi said...

calicolyst - your posts are hilarious! you should follow yourself again!

iaspire - do it! hahaha! why not?

nubiz - yeah, sometimes Google sucks the big one!

Ron Centeno said...

1) Spying on your contirbutors, priceless!

2) Seeing what your posts look like in the followers list, priceless!

3) On the point that Google should at least inform us of changes...useless!

Steve Morozumi said...

Ron - holy crap! you're f^@%ing hilarious! ...and thanks for the follow! NOW i can take over the world!

Omie said...

I chose #1.. im stil waiting on world domenation/..

Steve Morozumi said...

Omie - i just need one more follower... waahahahah! *scary music plays in the background*

Moose said...

I'd say, maybe you were bored and had nothing to do so you decided to follow the blog and it looks like there are more readers because it adds a person to the list of followers? (run-on sentence haha).

Steve Morozumi said...

Moose - thanks for stopping by! ...and yes, what you say falls under #3-i'm vain as hell!

Moose said...

Any time, Steve--and I wasn't implying that, haha.

trishiekoh said...

I hear you on number 4! Somedays I'm have absolutely NOTHING to say.

Steve Morozumi said...

trishiekoh - yeah, that #4 gets me fairly often. but, we push on, and somehow we keep blogging. hahaha! actually, i find that when i start scheduling posts ahead of time to publish automatically, i don't tend to run out of stuff to blog about. anyway, i digress. thanks for stopping by trishiekoh!