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Obama came along, with his great looks, great speeches, and great ideas - sort of. People either ignored him or fell in love with him. In comparison to John McCain, I fervently prayed he would win the election. But I was not ecstatic, or even hopeful that CHANGE would be a possibility. I know too much about what's been going on behind the scenes on the world stage.

Early last year, I accepted that I was not going to go down the path of the O-worshippers when I heard him say the words "clean coal." I knew then that he was not the ideal candidate for a progressive like me.

I voted for him - wanted that little piece of history, but the taste in my mouth was dry sand. I kinda knew what was coming. And it has. He has surrounded himself with rascals of a Democratic bent, and he is being stung with the venal side of the politics of 10 years ago. The Clintons were rascals too.

And now, the only people he can possibly pick to get the country running again are people who are tainted with the same crap that all the other Washington denizens of the Republican persuasion are - the fast and loose playing with the rules, the hopping-skipping-jumping between government positions and money-making gigs (Emmanuel, Geithner, Daschle, Summers, blah blah blah). And even worse, he had to settle for Bush-era military staff, for "continuity's sake" when we all know that they are lawless roughriders who have willingly participated in the dismantling of the Constitution and the Geneva Conventions.

Hard choices for Obama, and he's screwed up so many times so fast that the taste in my mouth NOW is more like cement or toxic waste.

I do believe that at heart, President Obama is a decent man. But he'd better figure out how to send out his message to EVERYONE, clearly and pretty quick. He'd better learn how to organize the American people to get active. Why the American people even HAVE to call their congressional representatives to urge them to pass the "stimulus" bill (should be called the JOBS bill) is beyond me, but that's the way the game is played.

Barack had better learn how to play hardball WAY BETTER than the Republicans. I haven't seen any evidence that a Democrat has even the slightest clue on how to respond to the message twisting of the neocon army - it's called neurolinguistic programming, and Newt Gingrich had it down by 1994, unlike the doltish Dems who seem to have no backbone and little wit in response to Republican marauding. And he'd better figure out PDQ that the American people are getting really really really mad. People tend to get pretty upset when they can't pay their bills, have no money for retirement after working and saving for 40 years, and they get TOTALLY upset when world-class con artists like Bernie Madoff get to live in their nice 10 bedroom palaces while being investigated for robbing people of all their money - FOR 10 YEARS.

Obama doesn't have much time left to throw softballs at the Repubs and make concessions and leave all of us WHO VOTED FOR HIM to our foreclosures, our nonexistent unemployment insurance (I was too sick to work last year, so have no unemployment to rely on. Since I didn't work, I have no disability insurance to rely on. If I wasn't married, I'd be homeless RIGHT NOW.), our invisible safety net, and our astonished witnessing of the final transfer of our national wealth into the deep deep pockets of the banks, who were allowed to get us all in this mess in the first place by the Republicans who planned for this collapse, and only screwed up a little by the economy collapsing BEFORE the election and not afterwards. You DO know that they knew this day was coming at least a year and a half ago, right? They were planning on all this happening after the Dems got in power, so they could sit back in their hammocks in Dubai, smoke their cigars on their own personal islands, and laugh til they choke about the disaster we are all facing.

When will the Democrats learn that the reins of power actually belong in the people's hands, not those who are elected? When will the Democrats learn that there is no such thing any more as Business-As-Usual. It's just the oddest feeling that I have - that slow motion sense of "oh my god, this CANNOT be happening..." while the country screeches to a halt, the environment literally collapses and there is nothing but printed money that means nothing and will only devalue our wealth to even begin to get us on the right track. But it's about 40 years too late to address the environmental disaster at hand. And it's about 10 years too late to deal with the financial meltdown.

Just what will happen to all the older citizens who were living on fixed incomes? What will happen to all the sixty-somethings who can no longer work for a living, but whose retirements have been completely wiped out? What will happen to the children, the disabled, the undereducated (destroying our educational system was another element of the plan for creating obsolescent human beings)?

No one knows how to farm, or how to do much of anything with their hands any more. We don't have training facilities to teach people self-sufficiency. We don't have plans for when the oil and gas run out (much sooner than you think). We don't have structures in place to protect us when the waters rise. We don't have connections in our cities any more. I know maybe 50 to 100 people in this town, and I've lived here for 11 years. That's pathetic!

This country and this planet are on the edge of a precipice. We might as well have been hit by a meteor. The devastation is so widespread, so profound, that I don't imagine most of us will get out of this alive, by this time 10 years from now. It's THAT BAD.

Pretty soon, when there is no more tax money to be collected because none of us have jobs, and when there are closures of all kinds of public services, and the only people left with any money are the Republicans who spent the last three decades robbing us all blind, what will happen?

Riots in the streets, and a wholesale takedown of "the system"?

I don't think it's going to take much longer.

So here's where we are at right now: At last the people are awakening. Problematically, the Dems are in power, and it is THEY who will pay the price of allowing the Bush Administration to run amok for eight years without anyone putting the brakes on. The damage has been done, so deeply that if we DO pull out of freefall, it may take 30 years to get back on the right track. That's if there is a planet left that's even livable.

I am ashamed to be an American. I am no longer a Democrat. I am overwhelmed by the nonsense. I just can't wait to see what happens next.

Ciao for now,

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Steve Morozumi said...

you definitely live up to your name! i may not agree with everything you have to say, but i like the way you really take a bite out of politics!

thanks for your post POPP!

awakeningmoon said...

Steve said it all 4 me....Go Go GO POPP!!!! :)

ps. am a cheat i read half but i'll be back 2 read the rest (A)

iaspire said...

"When will the Democrats learn that the reins of power actually belong in the people's hands, not those who are elected?"

Good point POPP!

Of course, if we the people want the reins of power, it's our responsibility to get that message out there to the people and the Feds.

itcanbe said...

Nice chunky aggressive first post. Although, it's little bit long for most readers.

Overall though, good job POPP! Keep up the good work!