it's Monday, what's your gripe?

Steve Morozumi at fluxlife

this is the fifth installment of the Monday gripe here at fluxlife.


i don't have one at the moment, since i'm so cleverly (hee! hee!)
writing this ahead of time.

but i'll tell you what: not long after your eyes see this post,
i'll be slappin' down a big fat gripe! it'll either be
in the comments section, or right here!

c'mon people! tear it up! with feeling! dig deep down inside
and start bitc#in'! venting is good. :P

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Lydia said...

My Monday gripe is that it is now barely Monday (12:07 a.m. to be exact) and I just put the last load of today's laundry in the dryer. One of our dogs, either the Old English Sheepdog or the Standard Poodle (big, get it?) vomited all over their common beds Saturday night. I'm talking layers of zipper bags with new orthopedic bed pads inside, topped with various old flannel sheets. They sleep in the laundry room so while load after load got washed I had the joy of mopping the room. I had to air out the inner-foam pieces out back in between hours of gorgeous sunshine, snow, and tiny pellets of ice later in the afternoon.
So, when I put all the layers of pads back together on their individual beds and zippered them all into their liners I added one more layer on top this time....giant Hefty Cinchsaks. Because that will seem unfamiliar to the dogs I did put one more cozy layer of bedding on top of the plastic.
I'm so wired up after all the labor that I didn't know what I was going to do to try to unwind before bed. Then I remembered Gripe Monday. Thank you for the vent station! I feel ever so much better now!

Kylie w Warszawie said...

Ugh. You know my gripe. The goshdarned preschool fiasco.

I'm ready for a fight. And to pull my children out to put them in a newer closer preschool.

Also, winter. Winter is my gripe.

Moose said...

My gripe? Snow falling right after a 60 degree day.

Pradip Biswas said...

I live in deep forest but sometimes got to be in cities for medicines for others and meeting at the corporate office. That is my gripe. Please visit my blog for a write-up on leaving smoking and a story on forest life.

Rylee's Auntie said...

my gripe is that I am sick AGAIN :P

Steve Morozumi said...

wow. good gripitude people!

whaz mine?

mine is: i can't get motivated today. i'm staring at a wall and i don't want to figure out how to get over, around, or through it. weird. i guess this kind of sh^t happens every so often.

my other gripe is i'm short on time today. gotta run!

Janaki said...

Some one let their dog poop on my front lawn... wtf?

Fortune Cookies said...

I have a knack for posting my Monday gripe a day late...but what the hell.
My gripe is that comcast keeps freezing when I try to access email. saying the server is down. Those bastards charge an absurd amount for internet service, they could at least keep their email server up to par.
my other gripe: it's 80 degrees today, thursday we're gonna have snow. no kidding. that's my weather forecast according to all four local stations. I mean really. Come on!

Bird* said...

I hate Sundays... because it's ALMOST monday.