fluxlife Sunday funnies

Steve Morozumi at fluxlife

(9 panel comic strip)

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lisa said...


Katy said...

I really enjoyed this cartoon strip, and the one you posted the other day. I've always loved cartoons - thank you! :-)


~*Miss A*~ said...

LOL this is too cute!

Ron Centeno said...

It would be difficult to trace that call! Hahahahahaha!

Thanks for the laugh Steve!

Steve Morozumi said...

lisa - yeah, these characters are adorable!

Katy - my pleasure! i'm glad that you're enjoying the cartoons!

Miss A - i agree, these guys are ultimate cuteness!

Ron - you're welcome for the laugh!

Moose said...

Nice one, Steve. Are you a fan of the Far Side comics? Great stuff.

Ashley said...

That's so cute!

Steve Morozumi said...

Moose - glad you liked the comic. Far Side has some clever comics. i've enjoyed at least a few Far Sides.

Ashley - the kid characters in this comic are really cute! glad you dig it!