Obama to rescind Bush abortion rule

1. my favorite headline for today:
AP Source: Obama to rescind Bush abortion rule (this is a second rule from today separate from the Jan 25, 2009 action taken by Obama).

although the new rule has yet to be reviewed, this is definitely a step in the right direction. i'll write more on this later today...

just to clarify things, Obama has taken two actions towards restoring abortion rights:

1. one of them was taken on January 25th 2009 when he overturned "The Mexico City Policy" started by Ronald Regan back in 1984. it prohibited tax payer funding for any programs that even talked about an unplanned pregnancy.

2. the second one is this new Obama rule which would rescind Bush's rule. a problem with Bush's rule was that a drug store pharmacist could refuse to sell birth control. the rule was too broad, causing ill conceived consequences. Obama's take: "He believes this issue requires a balance between the rights of providers and the health of women and their families, a balance that the last-minute Bush rule appears to upset,"

Obama Overturns Int'l Abortion Funding Ban (from Jan 25, 2009).
the video is regarding what Obama did on Jan. 25th this year.
"A Health and Human Services official said Friday (2/27/09) the administration will publish notice of its intentions (for this 2nd Obama action regarding restoration of abortion rights) early next week, opening a 30-day comment period for advocates on both sides, medical groups and the public." - AP
so if you want to have your say on this, you'll have your chance starting next week. SPEAK UP and BE HEARD.

2. my favorite information post for today:
10 Excellent Open Source and Free Alternatives to Photoshop

most of these are free. i have yet to choose one and download it. so, we'll see. let fluxlife know if you've used any of these alternatives and what you think. we can add your thoughts to a future posting about these photoshop alternatives.

3. my favorite legal headline of the day:
man owns 1776 copy of Declaration

this is not quite as significant as i initially thought. in my vicodin haze, i thought it said "1776 copy of the Constitution." i've always wondered if the copies of the U.S. Constitution i've studied have been slightly edited or are dead on the original? oh well, i guess i'll have to find three verified copies from separate sources and make sure they corroberate with each other. that's how historians establish facts from the past. kinda scary to think much of our learning of history comes from information based on the results of this technique.

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Kim said...

I love feeling so hopeful about our President, and I think he has made many steps in the right direction so far. I also love that I don't grimace listening to our President speaking. It was painful to listen to Bush.
I believe so much in Prsident Obama, and think he will not disappoint us on issues like this, and many more important ones to come.

~*Miss A*~ said...

I was so happy when I heard this on the news. I have been pretty pleased with Obama & the changes he's making. This is surely a step in the right direction in my opinion!

Steve Morozumi said...

Kim - Obama's got a hard way to go, and i'm all for doing whatever my part can be to help. many of us can help, and as we do, we will succeed!

Miss A - glad to share in the joy of the good news with you! hopefully we can get a better policy on the books in about a month from now.

calicolyst said...

Well then, I'm off to get some birth control!

Lydia said...

I hope you're feeling better this weekend!

Yup, wasn't the news great indeed. Even John McCain was interviewed and said that Obama is "Presidential." And how about him sitting courtside at the Bulls game! I love it!

That Declaration business was a weird bit of news. I'm not sure how I feel about that one, but I hope the owner preserves and guards it ever so carefully.

Have a peaceful Sunday.

Steve Morozumi said...

calicolyst - you're hilarious!

Lydia - thanks for your good wishes. wow!, McCain giving Obama props? on the 1776 thing, apparently there's at least 25 other copies in public view. i wish i had my own copy of both the Declaration and the Constitution.

Kati said...

Hey there -- I'm sorry to hear about your knee surgery. Did everything go okay?

Hope you're feeling better!

Steve Morozumi said...

Kati - thanks for stopping by. everything's going fairly well with my knee. thanks for asking, and thanks for your good wishes!

Miss JC said...

Thanks for coming by my blog... I believe in Obama too...it made me almost cry every time I had to listen to Bush speak! I hope your knee is healing nicely.

Steve Morozumi said...

Miss JC - great to see you again! Bush made me wince when i heard him. thanks again for your healing wishes!

Chitown Meg said...

I'm not an Obama fan....but what can you do? About that airbrush tan....I'll let you know how it turns out!! It doesn't help with an existing tan or anything.

Steve Morozumi said...

Meg - Obama's got a hard way to go, so he's losing popularity anyway. yeah, i'm interested to hear how your tan works out! thanks for answering my question! hope all is well with you! :D

Eppie said...

Obama-I think he has a clear vision for the future..

Anonymous said...

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