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wow, it's been awhile. i didn't expect to be away from fluxlife for so long. i'm still having a good amount of pain in my right knee after my surgery. nuthin' a little vicodin can't fix. lol! funny but true. the good news is that i don't have to keep my knee elevated every single minute of the day, which frees me up to finally get back to "fluxing." my definition of fluxing is when you're doing anything that has to do with the fluxlife blog. that includes reading of and commenting at fluxlife as well. sometimes you just gotta flux yourself by fluxing here at fluxlife. hahaha!

there's been a change in philosophy of posting here at fluxlife. before the mantra was: post 6-7 days a week at a minimum. this kind of pace can really help to develop your blogging/writing muscles and is great if you want to write for a newspaper or newspaper type site. but lately, i and at least one of the other writers here at fluxlife have become interested in the developing conversations that often happen around our posts.

personally, i'm as interested in what you the reader have to say, as much as what i have to say. sO!, instead of posting almost every day, i'm interested in slowing it down a little, to give more time for comments and discussion. i'm not sure what this will look like, but i'm guessing we'll put up an awesome post and let it ride for 2 days, then put up another post of awesomeness, and so on.

other important updates: fluxlife is proud to introduce two of our newer writers: Prof H., and Pissed Off Political Puppy. Prof H. has been with us since this past January, and Pissed Off Political Puppy has an upcoming first time post for fluxlife this week. so, check 'em out when you see them post here at fluxlife and give some comment love if you're so inclined.

what else? we've installed a "Read More..." functionality to the posts here at fluxlife, but you can only see it if you're on the fluxlife front page: http://fluxlife.blogspot.com/ . if you click on a link to an individual post, you won't see it. i would like it to work even when a reader clicks on an individual post, but i'm calling it good for now as it is.

i've got hopes for a weekly San Francisco related post with video and or photos of the surrounding area regarding views of awesomeness and points of interest in this amazing city i live in. possibly including interviews of some local personalities? i also want to have fluxlife t-shirts and hats available for contests, give-aways, and for purchase through this blog as well.

one of the other things i'm thinking of right now is adding a feature to showcase one interested fluxlife follower each week. we love our followers here at fluxlife, and we're interested in showing our appreciation and generating general Blogger enthusiasm as well!

that's about it for now. gotta prop up my knee and pop some vicodin. good to see you all again! let us know your thoughts on any and/or all of this, we look forward to hearing what you think!

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iaspire said...

Great to see you're back! Take care of that knee! I like your ideas for the new features like the "Spotlight on San Francisco", and writing about one fluxlife follower a week. When you put up the fluxlife gear for sale on your blog, i'll definitely buy some!

Suyambuvel. M said...

good to hear that u r back! Take care :) hmm yeah it's always good to ride a post for quite sometime so that it becomes quite interactive..:)

awakeningmoon said...

hey hey
well u have definitely sprung back from the land of the dead....is that a nice warm welcome back :)
i don't know much about San Francisco so it'd be great 2 see this awesomeness you mentioned!!!

awakeningmoon said...

i just watched the clip...so funny....like no calls i'm blogging...or no calls i'm facebooking!!!! If only :)

Ron Centeno said...

Nice to see you back Steve! Careful with the Vicodin my friend. Hehehehehe!

Wishing you "0 pain" ASAP.

Steve Morozumi said...

iaspire - thanks for the welcome back and your interest in fluxlife developments!

Suyambuvel. M - thanks!

awakeningmoon - i'm glad you're interested in the San Francisco feature for fluxlife. glad you liked the video.

Ron Centeno - thanks for all your support, humor, and the Honest Scrap Award! i appreciate it!

Fortune Cookies said...

♫ Welcome Back! ♫ sending healing thoughts and latte's your way! take care, my friend.

Eppie said...

get well soon, fluxlife!

Steve Morozumi said...

Fortune Cookies - thanks for your healing thoughts and latte's!

Eppie - thanks for your good wishes!

KimberlyRies said...

Good luck in your recovery! Take it easy and ease back into work!

Thanks for visiting my blog too.

take care...

trishiekoh said...

Glad to know you're back fluxing! (did I use the term correctly?) Hope the pain goes away soon. I ended up watching "The Reader" on the weekend...loved it.

Steve Morozumi said...

trishiekoh - and i'm glad to be back fluxing. and thank you for fluxing! your use of the term is correctomundo! me too on the pain. cool! yeah, i'll have to see that movie, looks really good!