holy crap!, why don't i have a post up yet?! ;p

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if Iran can launch a satellite into space, the least i can do is get a post up for fluxlife. lol! i don't mean to make light of this news and i've got some comments on that as well as some other stories of the day that caught my eye, or in one case: my nose!

i like to have the fluxlife posts scheduled to publish by 12:00 midnight 6-7 days a week. it's now 12:25AM on wed. 2/4, so that's a fail at the moment. wow. i could add this to the monday gripes comments as well. suh-weeet. i think i will. ...and i did. :|

feck! sh|t! damn! where in the heck is my post for today?! wow. i've caught the Christian Bale extreme terrets syndrome! lol! i'm done ranting for the next year. hahahhaha! okay, i'm off to get some real news stories together...

1. this might be extremely offensive, but i just had to put out some coverage of Christian Bale exploding on set. i can't fully criticize him. as you can see i've got some of my own issues. lol! although, in Bale's case, he really lost it way farther than i would take it. just to broaden the perspective, he's not the only actor doing this. he's just the one that got caught. here's the audio with a slide show:

2. okay, the Iran thing. well, this event kinda blows my mind. up until now, most of the attacks, intel operations, military intelligence and weapons initiatives in the world have been intermingled with Pentagon, CIA and various American Black Ops initiatives. this one?, i think they're acting on their own. weird! we might've "inadvertently" sold 'em some of the parts to their home made rocket and satellite, but that's about it i'm pretty sure.

3. well, the above stories caught my eye and ear (lol)! what caught my nose? apparently, some pranksters in San Francisco are lighting port-a-potties on fire on Lombard St. and, of course, people are raising a stink about it (can i laugh at that one, or was it just a really bad pun)? hahahaha! normally, i would just say: "haha, that's pretty funny!" unfortunately, whoever these kids are, they're doing it repeatedly and it's not so good because of that. with at least $50,000.00 in damage so far and the high fire risk to nearby homes, i would like you guys to stop now if you're reading this. thanks guys!

4. over at the Musings on News-things blog, Emma Boon's tearing it up again with a pretty darn amazing twitter gone wild story. apparently some guy used twitter to aggregate a snow map using Google Maps based off of twitter respondants. go check it out. if you're into twitter at all, you'll be psyched!

5. that's all the news damage they'll pay me to do for today. tell us your thoughts on whatever grabs you here in this post, and i'll blog you later! thanks for reading and visiting over here at the fluxlife blog!
-Steve Morozumi =D

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calicolyst said...

You know, there are some really good Blogaholics Anonymous meetings that really help out a lot.

Steve Morozumi said...


poeticallytinted said...


Lydia said...

I got the news of the launch here first, so I think you're doing just fine in being relevant and current!

Will the world even remember Christian Bale thirty years from now? I bet not.....

Fabulously Broke said...

Did you hear the remix on PerezHilton of ChristianBale going ballistic?

It was so catchy I downloaded it and am going to listen to it like a normal song.

Fabulously Broke in the City

"Just a girl trying to find a balance between being a Shopaholic and a Saver."

Cheryl said...

6-7 times a week? How. Why. Where. ..
So many questions.

Steve Morozumi said...

poeticallytinted - :D

Lydia - thanks for the relevancy and being current points! :D that's a good yardstick to check whether or not to get bothered by a current event (30 yrs.)

Fabulously Broke - i'm listening to it right now. they should surreptitiously place it in the movie as some background noise in one of the violent scenes. i bet Christian Bale would like that. lol!

Cheryl - hahaha! i guess it's the unspoken challenge (until now, lol!) here at fluxlife: to have one post every day. as long as we stay in this basic blog format, i think that's a good goal. if we change over to a newspaper format, then multiple stories every day will be good.