yoga for the homeless

that's awesomeness, Jeanne! glad to hear people
are bringing spiritual support to part of the
homeless population. great to see others
working with the homeless as well.

the fluxlife blog did a gifts for the homeless
drive on christmas eve.

have a grand and ever expansive new year!


-steve @ fluxlife

(if Jeanne approves this comment, you'll be able to see it at the Yoga Journal Blog as well). --- > update: looks like Jeanne just quit. so i don't forsee the comment showing up. :(-better luck next year!

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Chitown Meg said...

I love yoga....altho I've been bad and not done any for a little while. Thanks for your comment!! I really appreciate it :) Happy New Year!

fluxlife said...

right on Meg! have a great one! see ya 'round the blogshpere! :)

Janaki said...

Wow! Great post;-)

SK said...

What a great idea!!!! The world has its good people. :) Happy New Year!

fluxlife said...

@ Janaki: coming from a dedicated yogi, i appreciate that!

@ SK: i never really thought about it until i read about it today. it is a great idea! Happy New Year to you!

Lydia said...

This was a heartening post. My yoga has slacked off so much the last half of this year. I belong to that online yoga group WoYoPracMo, and the January goal is "yoga everyday." I feel I can do it with the feeling of community, while being grateful that I have a home to practice in....

Happy New Year and Namaste to you!

Claireabelle said...

Fab idea and well done on your good work on christmas eve! Wishing you a happy and prosperous new year

fluxlife said...

@ Lydia: i'm glad you found inspiration from this post! i send you my support for your practice. Have a grateful New Year!


@ Claireabelle: great to see you again! glad you like the idea and the work we did on X-Mas Eve! Have a great New Year!