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Give Gifts To The Homeless On X-Mas Eve

" Homeless man with the Christmas spirit"
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itcanbe (from the fluxlife blog), along with two other close friends, gave out gifts to the homeless on the streets of San Francisco last night. They started out at Kristin's apartment filling the gift boxes and then wrapping them. Liz did an amazing wrapping job replete with fancy ribbon work that would have made Martha Stewart jealous! itcanbe said: "Those gift boxes with their suhweet wrapping paper, and candy canes tied into the ribbons looked bad a*s!"

It was all Kristin's idea. She got the inspiration when she saw a homeless person walking down the street with a Santa hat on. She thought: 'He's homeless and he's got the Christmas spirit.' She was amazed by how someone so down on their luck could still be positive. She further pondered: 'What does it mean to be homeless and still have the Christmas spirit? If he's homeless yet still has a positive attitude, how can I make a positive contribution?'

She then started talking about it with friends, getting support and ideas. One of her friends gave her the idea to get supplies from an army surplus store. Things like warm clothing, hats, gloves, and hand warmers. Kristin went to the Acme Surplus Store for these items. The store was very kind and they donated a lot of the items. The fluxlife blog would like to thank the Acme Surplus Store for their generous contributions! Also in the gift packs were food, snacks, christmas candies, candy canes, toiletries, chap stick, and other sundries.

It was rainy, cold, and dark out. So, it was a little more challenging to find homeless people out on the streets. Even with the bad weather and night time conditions, we carried on and found recipients to give to.

One of the most touching moments was when Kristin gave a gift package to a homeless man going through the garbage. She handed the gift box and clothing to him, and mentioned there was food in the box, and he said: "Really?" Once he knew that he had food, he no longer had to look through the garbage can. The homeless man thanked her profusely and then he set out on his way with his bicycle.

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Lydia said...

That's wonderful what you and your friends did! You're the best! This post makes my Christmas complete.

fluxlife said...

thanks Lydia! glad we could be part of your Christmas and you and yours of ours! Merry Christmas!

SK said...

That was a very beautiful thing to do!!! Merry Christmas! *SK*

Kim said...

OMG! How great is that??!? You guys may never know how much you touched someone this holiday season. I am sure a lot of those folks feel forgotten in more ways than one, especially at this time of year. That is just fantastic!!

fluxlife said...

@ SK: thanks SK!, thanks for all your comments and wonderful blogging this year!, and Merry Christmas to you too!!!

@ Kim: thanks Kim! we will probably do it again next year, so this should build and become even bigger. we're very excited about it too! Merry Christmas!

Janaki said...

Now that's the Christmas Spirit;-)
I am touch by the beauty of your actions. Kudos to you and the gang.

fluxlife said...

hey there Janaki, thanks for stoppin' by. i'm glad that you were moved. thanks for your support!
happy holidays!

Fortune Cookies said...

I LOVE it!!!! I held a Christmas charity contest this year, and gave away a prize to the participating blogger whose name I drew from a hat...had you notified me you were doing this, your name would have gone in for the drawing to win a prize! Remind me next year, if you do this again, and your name will definitely go in the drawing!