what does the new year hold for you?

i was being prodded by one of the fluxlife crew's ideas people (fcip) to post this question for New Year's Day '09. i think it blends perfectly with yesterday's post and opens things up for discussion, vs. me yapping some type of bloggish monologue (translate as= my lazy a@$ can stop writing now) (lol)! so there it is, fcip: i listened, i wrote, i'm done (hahaha)!

hey there fluxlife readers, pick one, two, or more things that '09 might hold for you! take some time, give it some thought if you need to. i won't put up a new post until Tuesday 1/6/2009, just to allow more time for readers to comment on this one (wow, do i know how to milk a good thing! maybe i'll take a vacation? hahaha)! should i actually pay that fcip person for this idea (lol)!? heck, it might be worth it!


--Steve @ the fluxlife blog


on a different but related note, i thought i'd bring the following item back from a previous post. pondering: "what is happiness?" could be helpful towards inspiring comments on: "what does the new year hold for you?". the thought came to me when i was over at the Zen Dot Studio blog and she mentioned the Matthieu Ricard video on happiness that i had posted on fluxlife.

previously on fluxlife:
"while speaking with a good friend over the phone, she revealed this to me: The HAPPIEST Person In The World :"

music vids: 1. pixies: "here comes your man", 2. massive attack: "teardrop"

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sonam said...

should definitely pay the idea friend! Good Karma after all.

fluxlife said...

i forsee one thing in 2009 for sure: 5 days of no blogging for Steve @ fluxlife!

SK said...

Hey....Thats a good idea....:o)

i are tiny kitn said...

i just hope i can sell my house in 2009!

fluxlife said...

@ sonam: but, how much?

@ SK: thanks!

@ i are tiny kitn: i'm sending you good luck vibes on that one!

Chris said...

What up? And Happy New Year!

I have two things that I want to accomplish this year, blog more (it has been 5 weeks since my last post, eww) and lose some of this weight!

Hey, man, pretty soon I will be changing Tech-Hacker over to my own personal blog. It will definitely be technology based but I want to make it a little more personal.

Hope all is well on the, well, second day of this year! Here is to Fluxlife in 2009!

fluxlife said...

hey Chris, what up?
times got busy for awhile no doubt. good to hear from yas!

i'm excited to hear about your new blog. you got the right idea to make it more personal; i feel that's a good direction to go in.

yeah, you ARE commenting on your second day of '09 i just realized. i'm still finishing up my first. :)

let us know when you get your new blog up. we'd love to continue checking out your entertaining and informative insights on technology!

thanks for the toast to the fluxlife blog! right on.

...and, here is to your new blog and more blogging from you in 2009! do it up bro! let's make 2009 the year to remember! yeah.


SK said...

I have only a few things I would like to accomplish this year. One: do more volunteer work. Two: become more consistently organized. Three: paint more (I haven't painted anything in forever) Four: Learn Russian and get better in Italian. That is pretty much it.

fluxlife said...

hey SK, if you can get keep those items going into 2010, you'll be tearin' it up! vey nice goals.

lisa said...

the new year holds for me....art, crafts, random acts of kindness, happiness, a few challenges, and new friends!

ZenDotStudio said...

Am I splitting hairs (actually I made a typo that read spitting hairs which I kind of like better) when I say I may have hopes and aspirations but really we never know what the new year or the next moment, for that matter, holds for us. In truth our sense of control is an illusion and we are always stepping into the unknown. So I guess the new year holds surprise and mystery and I hope I can lean into it and savour every bite

fluxlife said...

@ lisa: sounds like some great stuff! i want some of what you're having!

@ ZenDotStudio: no fair cheating with your Zen Powers (lol)! but, savouring every bite sounds like a plan!

sjdinergrrrl said...

fear, at this point.fear and disappointment.and hope that i can push myself beyond fear. its a totally personal sphere. its been a deep down solstice,burrow in and hope that what i did in november comes true in january. that is the way it should work, right? imagine, believe, hope?manifest, yes. i still waiting. watching. hoping. de la pinche

fluxlife said...

hey, sjdinergrrrl! you've definitely got something there. our culture is largely managed by fear. it's up to us to set our positive intentions and witness the manifestations of it in our good will, hopes, and dreams.

Skeeter451 said...

I hope to start making money from my freelance business, because it looks like I'm not going to get a job anytime soon.

BTW: I'm glad you enjoyed the history. I'm going to post that every day so keep tuned.

--->Susan @ Mystical Musings

fluxlife said...

i'm sending you good luck vibes on your biz and/or job! we'll be sure to check out your history postings!

MICKEY said...

Happy New Year! Thanks for the blog comments Steve.

2009 for me are full possibilities. 1. Finish my first novel
2. Continue to live positively
3. Stay healthy
4. Love and live God's word (this should be first) :)

fluxlife said...

hey there Mickey, i have a feeling you'll be doing 4. while you're doing 1., 2., 3., or anything else in your life. just a feeling i have... :)

Michelle's Blogs said...

What 2009 holds for me:

1) A new, fresh government: I think we will all see an interesting change in government with the President-elect being influence-free of lobbyists and big companies (all his campaign funding came from people like you and me, not big companies). It'll be interesting to see a President leading with no influence and having the option to listen to every one, not just his biggest money supporters.

2) Get my real estate broker's license (not super thrilled, but my job is requiring it).

2) See the stock market rally and come back stronger than ever.

3) Travel: 1 or 2 more snowboarding trips, 4 or 5 business trips (Costa Mesa/LA mid January, Dallas and more)

4) Summer: experience another awesome summer in Chicago--shows/concerts (Grateful Dead getting back together!), sailing, biking, and skateboarding.

That was fun. Thanks!

fluxlife said...

hey Michelle, glad you enjoyed that. whoa, Grateful Dead back together? i might have some snow boarding in my future as well. suh-weeet!

poeticallytinted said...

Hope to publish my poetry, do more of what i set out to do with my blog in the first place apart from poetry and register my business in preparation for next year.

poeticallytinted said...

oh and i forgot set up my NGO.

fluxlife said...

wow. an NGO. that sounds cool. when you get a chance, email me at fluxlife1@gmail.com and tell me more aobut it. thanks!

awakeningmoon said...

1. Try a photography course
2. Get accepted on Jet Programme 2009 and teach english in Japan...whooohoooo
3. Get a little entourage like Gwen Stefani...hmmmm (am i serious, maybe baby)
3. Make it too 2010


fluxlife said...

i keep thinking about the teach english in Japan thing! that rocks!

Janaki said...

360 days of unmaifested possiblities and counting! ;-)

fluxlife said...

360, nice number! i like your unmanifested possibilities perspective. it's all there waiting for us! ...and when next year at this time we come together again, we will have come full circle.


fluxlife said...

what does 2009 hold for Steve?:
1. new friendships and deepening of existing friendships and relationships.
2. excitement and adventure!!! :D
3. all the right kinds of wealth and happiness. better health.
4. lots of love!
5. reinvestment in zen and the San Francisco Zen Center
6. an awesome new blog with Janaki from The Humble Yogini and another co-author from Zen Dot Studio.
7. knee surgery, and then hopefully back to rock climbing and snow boarding!
8. and more and more great stuff i'm sure (lol)!

what does 2009 hold for fluxlife?:
1. we've got another co-author teammate Prof.H that will start writing for us this month.
2. we'll be getting another occasional writer soon.
3. two fluxlife crew ideas persons (fcip's) on board this year, maybe more.
4. fluxlife gear, t-shirts and hats as give aways for fluxlife contests and for sale through the fluxlife blog. other fluxlife promo items & materials
5. video taped interviews and transcribed interviews
6. last but not least, we're adding Technorati Front Page to our News Headlines in our News Links in the fluxlife top sidebar.
7. there's probably more, but i'll stop here.

what does 2009 hold for the new blog?:
1. it'll be a spiritually based blog with yoga and zen as the vechicles
2. it'll be co-authored by 2 or more rockin' people
3. i need to get to work on it (hahaha)!
4. should be lots of fun, enriching, and informative. we'll tell you more as things develop.

Cheers and kudos to everyone!

thank you for sharing and spending time with us last year and this! we love you all!

here's to the most awesome year ever for everyone! :D

-Steve @ fluxlife