clearing a path

i thought that today would be a good day to mentally and materially clear the path for the new year.

mentally, i can do this with two different meditation styles back to back. one is similar to the soto zen meditation. the other is. i picture the positions of my back to back sittings looking like a Janus symbol: looking forward to the new year and backward to the previous year.
to tie up all loose ends materially, i will have to utilize the first half of January 2009 to do so. not bad.

i would like to take a moment to thank all the fluxlife readers, commenters, and fans for your patronage. we here at the fluxlife blog, highly appreciate it and are forever grateful!
from myself to all the fluxlife readers and everyone:
have a year of gratefulness and many auspicious moments in 2009! :D

deep bow and Namaste',
-Steve @ the fluxlife blog

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AG said...

I am behind reading your entries.

Thanks for all your nice comments on mine. It's so nice to connect to people in blogland. :)

Have a wonderful beginning to 2009!

fluxlife said...

thanks AG! very nice to meet you!, and thanks for your support!
have a wonderful 2009!

iaspire said...

Awesome blog! Keep on bloggin' through 2009 and beyond!


fluxlife said...

thanks and Namaste' :D

Ultra Dave said...

Happy New Year!

fluxlife said...

thanks for stoppin' by!
Happy New Year!

SK said...

Happy New Year!!!

sjdinergrrrl said...

i like your new year post. que passa passa, its a new dawn. hope for the best at the very least, better. for everyone. i can clear a path, yes? de la pinche

fluxlife said...

@ SK: Happy New Year !!!

@ sjdinergrrrl: glad you like the post. happy path clearing and Happy New Year !!!

Janaki said...

Clear the path for the un-manifested possibilites of 2009. Awesome! Happy New Year. Om Peace.

fluxlife said...

@ SK: Happy New Year !!!

@ sjdinergrrrl: glad you like the post. happy path clearing and Happy New Year !!!

fluxlife said...

@ Janaki: yep, it's all here always. waiting for us to uncover it. clear the path and we find our potential. thanks for that. :)

Happy New Year !

Om Shanti

Lydia said...

What a lovely post to start a hopeful new year. I meditated today; it's so wonderful.
I sure know what you mean about using half of January to tidy up loose ends from last year. I'll be doing the same thing but with my eye to the future all the time!

fluxlife said...

thanks for stopping by Lydia! you're my twin today! glad to hear you meditated, that's awesome! :)