sf fluxlife style - chillaxin' (weekend edition)

it's a fine sunday here in san francisco. the sun is shiny & warm and the sky is blue angels blue. very nice, very nice. hangin' at urban bread sippin' a super tasty extra fine latte'.

chillax link o' the day: buddhistchannel.tv

shakin' the bacon link o' the day: http://quake.usgs.gov/

i could rename this cafe' day: currently at PHILZ coffee having an Istanbul Treat. great stuff!, i highly recommend it. it's a blend of green & black tea & other good stuff. i get it with milk instead of cream, and i take the honey that it's offered with. yummola people !!! great coffee alternative: it'll get you a nice caffeine kick without rolling you down the crack highway, and that's a good thing!

i put my twitter stream and a new photo linking to my profile back onto my sidebar here at fluxlife.blogspot.com. it's blogtastic! little html, little photo editing, fun for the whole family.

also, on my blog: i'm liking this kontera ad server i've been using for a bit. it's pretty hot. if you're an internet publisher i highly recommend using it as a compliment to any existing service you may have. fine as a stand alone too (i think they're still building their advertiser pool, but still: i like)!

lap top battery is dying... no power cord... must pry myself away from PHILZ... must go home to power cord... ...ooooh!, found power cord; power cord izzzzz good! speaking of good, here's the

yummy link o' the day: yumdiary.com

if you like the "Yumdiary" by Tracie Broom, you can catch updates to her blog on my blog roll. i've decided to add her today after finding her blog by chance through my sphere link at the bottom of this post. she's a food editor here in SanFrancisco. anybody who writes about the latest food and goings on in this city is a friend indeed! i love that kind of stuff!

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