christopher colombus day

he and his troops shor did kill themse'fs a lot of indians! at least a lot of american people get the day off for it. that's gud, ain't it, though? 'scuse me, i got ta go get zebodiah another budweiser. meanwhile, ENJOY MY PITUR! i shor like it too! :

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Chris said...

Christopher Columbus day is such a joke.

I remember my first semester in college (a college that will go unnamed) when a couple of friends and I made up a huge banner that just said "Christopher Columbus = Murderer."

We dropped it from the English halls in front of the dorms. Ah, we were young, angry, and militant then... the days.

Yeah, we never got caught either.

fluxlife said...

a little rabble rousing now and again is good for the country! thanks for your story, i enjoyed it!

that's one of the more artistic uses of the 1st amendment right to free speech i've heard of, and that's a good thing.

take care, and thanks for stopping by!

-steve @ fluxlife