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obama banners abound at sporting events in the u.s. , and now apparently in Israel as well.


nik wallenda rides a bike on a high wire over newark, nj wed. 10/15/08:

source: watchfreeepisodes.com

holy crap!
mervyn's is closing forever !!!


goto the red bull soap box race at dolores park tomorrow (sat 10/18/08). races start at 1pm, pits open at 11am.


the sanfrancisco nike women's marathon will take place this sun. 10/19/08, starting at 7am on union square. various parking lots are blocked off right now, and more to come. the streets will be tied up as well, so expect delays.


check out super powered sf Foodie Editor Tracie Broom's recommend: the barn dance at THE PIE RANCH , tomorrow, this sat. 10/18/08, work party at 2pm, potluck at 6pm, and dance at 7pm.

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