palin's purple haze

"On Saturday, former Bush speechwriter David Frum wrote on his National Review blog, "George W. Bush had very slight executive experience before becoming president. His views were not well known. He won the nomination exactly in the same way that Palin has won the hearts of so many conservatives: by sending cultural cues to convince them that he was one of them, understood them, sympathized with them. So that made everything else irrelevant in 2000 - as it seems again to be doing in 2008."

But in the end, Frum wrote, Bush lacked "important aspects of leadership which is how we got into the mess from which he needed to rescue the country and himself." "
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sarah palin: george bush in lipstick
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bushies come to palin's aid
(former bush pr/communications/policy makers/advisers are training palin on foreign and domestic affairs and policies)
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Why Obama Is Our Next President

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